Structure of a research paper

research writing goes through a general

specific general format in the

introduction in your paper you start off

with a general statement you start off

with the general statement you compile

references you talk about the general

research field once you through that by

the end of the introduction you need to

get down to something very specific the

specific point is the purpose the wire

what are you going to be writing about

then very specific again the methods

what you did what you did then results

what you found so the purpose the method

the results these are very specific

elements by the time you've near to the

end of the paper you need to start

talking about why this paper is

important why this paper is important

becomes your discussion as you move

through the discussion you finish with a

conclusion which again is a very general

statement talking about the key point of

the paper and what's the future so the

general specific general structure this

structure holds for a journal paper this

structure of this organization helps you

become a better writer