The Difference Between Love And Friendship! (Avoid The Friend Zone )

the difference between love and

friendship hi everyone I am off loading

up on the I am your dating and

relationship coach founder of Apollonia

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specifically for you men to master your

attractive skills build the confidence

overall to get the woman that you desire

or to get the love life that you truly

truly want and in today's video we're

gonna talk about it and what is the

difference between love and friendship

and maybe you're a man that experiencing

always being in the friend zone and you

just want to fall and love alright so

typically if you're asking yourself this

question or if you're viewing this video

for the first time because you're a

recent subscriber or I welcome you then

I want to tell you something right here

if you are questioning if a woman loves

you or if she just wants a friendship

with you means one of two things is

number one is you have this amazing bond

you have this you guys know each other's

deepest darkest secrets you're

emotionally attached you're always there

for each other you know her birthday she

knows you're she gives you gifts on your

birthday she tells you that she loves

you so much and you're a great man and

all this then you have this other one

where the sex is amazing everything is

great you guys have physical attraction

to each other but the two things that

are missing here the emotional doesn't

have the physical the physical doesn't

have the emotional these are two types

of friend zones that I talk about in my

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let's get to it there's two different

roles here that are playing and if

you're questioning if this is love or

friendship it's because you're either in

one of these different roles here but

you're not

but the key in regards to love is you

want to be in the middle you want to

have that emotional and you want to have

that physical right but then let's talk

about a little bit something else that

just came to mind let's just say you

have that emotional but you have in you

have the physical but yet emotionally

the woman can't come in well you really

don't have that emotional she's opening

up to you but she's not

to you enough to give you the commitment

because either you're too nice or you're

too available or you know are not

assertive enough with her or you're not

of status you're not showing status

you're not showing resources so much of

that I talk about and my friends don't

know more product and how to overcome

that and get that so besides that that's

a lot of things of what has happening

here but what I want you understand when

is the difference between love and

friendship is when you have love you

have the two of those and the both of

you are free-flowing and everything is

great and you are basically in a

relationship or blossoming in a

relationship because you have that

emotional and you possibly have that

physical aspect as well doesn't mean

that you're already intimate but you

have that physical attraction as well

and now you meet in the middle and

you're talking about future goals what

do you want in a relationship making

travel plans together possibly visiting

her best friend meeting her family

meeting your family whatever the case

may be that is love

friendship is either the emotional with

no physical or the physical but no

emotional and I hope if that answers

your question I try to summarize this

video in the quickest way possible to

make you understand the difference

between love and friendship because it's

a valid question that so many men are

asking these days and a lot of times a

lot of us get caught up and not wanting

to make that approach not wanting to set

our intent how do we set our intent if

these are questions that you're coming

about and you're scared to even go after

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always I'll see you again hopefully in

the friend zone no more product and if

not I'll see you in the next video and I

welcome your comments questions and

concerns and remember you are always

loved back now