Charli D'amelio fight with Addison Rae!!

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you're sleeping tonight now today guys

we're gonna be taking a look at charlie

demilio actually getting into a new


with addison ray guys make sure you

watch the end because dixie's involved

in everything this is crazy but coming

straight in

at number four we actually have the

fight between

addison ray and dixie demilio now i'm

sure a lot of you guys will have already

seen this on dixie's channel but pretty

much guys

addison basically got really hurt after

this and she ended up going after

charlie because of it to annoy dixie

let's check it out

let's go

see right now guys they're getting

really aggressive towards each other i

know this is just like a spa and they're

just like

doing it for the video and whatever but

they're getting quite aggressive guys

unless she's going for the face but

check out what addison does right at the

end you can tell she's getting very

aggressive guys







we actually have an interview of charlie

and dixie demilio

after they left the hype house all right

guys and this is actually because

addison ray was actually bullying them

and bullied them

out of the hype house guys because she

was jealous of them and whatever but

this never got out there but

she talks about it in this clip and just

check out what she says

i would describe dixie as quite a


she's a good person to have fun with she

can get bossy

because she's my older sister i think

charlie is

a hard-working person she never

quit making videos even with every hate

comment she was getting

some of the most hurtful comments that i

read about myself online

are she's fatter than when we got her


or she's ugly they don't like the way my

face looks for some reason

a lot about my body shape my body type

which it's close to home because i


a lot with body image body dysmorphia

bad eating habits no one really knows


i'm still a 15 year old teenager girl

especially as you can see right now

charlie is literally talking about it

and she's about to go into more detail

about addison bullying her right now

guys and this is so bad and so hard to

watch let's just check this out

it hurts for everyone no matter who you

are getting

hundreds of thousands of hate comments

per week

is a lot to handle she doesn't get us no

yeah not as many but i've gotten like i

posted a picture

um at the beach one time and everyone

was just talking about my weight

everyone was like i can see her ribs

that's disgusting eat a burger

and all this and like i've also

struggled trying to gain weight for a

very long time no matter what they're

gonna find something wrong

this isn't the first time that i've had

to deal with something like this

kids in my elementary school being

mean to me online sophomore year was


hard and i would go to therapy every

week and i wouldn't talk

it has gotten that bad to the point

where i felt like i can't go on

as a teenager it can be hard coming to

your parents with everything

because you always get nervous that

they're going to judge you or you don't

want to tell them just because you're

stubborn and you're a teenager

but throughout the years i've realized

that holding it in causes a lot more


than being able to tell someone you

trust whether that's fail

next up at number two we actually have

this clip

of addison ray and james charles doing

an interview all right guys and

addison ended up getting asked a

question about charlie and then she

basically shades her by like laughing

at it or whatever guys this is pretty

bad let's just check it out guys because

after this one is the actual clip of

charlie and addison fighting

this question comes from herron s cmb

and they asked she asked um if you could

be doing any job

then what you do now what would you do a

lawyer for sure

wow that's actually that makes sense can

you see that yeah i can see that

i'm really good for me if i wasn't doing

this yeah

probably sports broadcasting or hosting


a full round wow the world sports

broadcaster what sport would you want to


you have one in particular i started off

wanting to do it i wanted to be like

aaron andrews so like

football but i love that you said that

so finally guys at number one we

actually have the clip of charlie

demeteo and addison ray

actually getting into a better scrap

guys bit of a fight because charlie was

at this meet and greet guys

and addison knew that she was there so

she pulled up to the meet and greet

and then ended up fighting her right

there and then guys and honestly

everyone no one expected it all let's

just check it out right now because

it was so bad guys

probably the ones that i can't do or

they take too long to learn

like first i hated renegade because it

took me like

such a long time it was like over a span

of like three days i would like learn a

little bit of it and then i was like

okay i can't do it

i'm hitting my woe throwing them bows

then i just kick to the left

then i just kick to the right then i

just put up my fist yeah

then we gonna put up a fight yeah i'm

hitting my wall

throwing them balls then i just kick to

the left

then i just

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