Skyrim Unmarked Location: Reachwater Forsworn Camp

and welcome to another episode of Skyrim

unmarked locations the series where we

check out all the places throughout

Skyrim that have no map marker right 5

god mode enabled though it works anyway

we're standing just on the outskirts of

Markarth and we're gonna go and check

out the reach water forsworn camp so

start off by passing over this bridge

and we're gonna take the first path that

branches off of this to the right which

is right here so this is the main road

take a right right here

and then take a left at the deer head

and there's the forest one camp right

down there

start it by dispatching the forsworn

okay and they have well she's got a few

ingredients and a petty soul Jim yeah

they're still have just ordinary stuff

now this tent has a chest with some

goodies in it and a satchel with one new

piece of gold there's also some hay

piles you can sleep on there are a

couple of ingredients here around the

campfire another hay pile to use nothing

interesting on him and a shield and

death blow up a burn inutes

that's a pronounces which is a blocks

kill book alright and there you go and

reach water rock is a just around the

corner here oh man that's a lot of


so there you go if you want to get in to

reach water walk Rockets right there

thank you very much for watching hope

you enjoy this