How Vinyl Records Are Made


let's see how some of those hours were

spent to bring you the music you want

when you want

oh no no I can't plate the only thing I

can play I found machines that would

basically spoiled milk and somebody sold

them to me so I breathed life back into



first the music is recorded and

professionally mixed and mastered for


the sound waves are carved into specific

groups those groove patterns are then

transferred to a Stamper these stampers

then go to a pressing plant like

Brooklyn phono where their first

cleaners and then fastened inside the

hydraulic press onto top and bottom


these inserts are hollow molds that

allow steam and water to flow through

Brooklyn phono uses a closed loop

recycling system which means that they

reuse scraps and old records to make new



I like music a lot I don't you know says

the most abstract art because you don't

you can't see it like you're hearing it

so it's a different sense but journey

begins when the processed PVC travels

through the overhead pipes and down into

the pressors


you can choose from a wide variety of


before the labels get added onto the

professor holes are drilled precisely

into the centers so that they can

sandwich each record they're

subsequently cut into a circle and then

baked in an oven at about 250 degrees


the pellets go through an extruder and

as they're forced through they're heated

up to form a hockey puck shaped biscuit


the biscuit has labels pressed on to

both sides and is then shot forward to

be pressed


mm psi is applied at 300 degrees and

then cooled down to a hundred degrees to

press the record into existence


the record is then trimmed of excess

vinyl furnished and stacked on Aspen

before they're shipped off they are

individually inspected and placed in


I feel like the pigment maker for the

canvas maker I feel like I'm part of the




it's traveled a long way or an illusion

the last stop hold and the best seat in

the concert hall