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if you need an excuse to be lazy and who

doesn't this chair has lazy written all

over it

our very first slogan was recline relax

recuperate and we still follow that

early advice and try to make comfort the

biggest part of our product there are

imitators of lazy boy chairs and there

are other manufacturers of reclining

furniture obviously but there really is

no other lazy boy and it's become much

more than your Grandpa's easy chair lazy

boy has gone global sold and close to 50

countries around the world eight decades

after the company started it still has a

leg up on the competition

lazy boy makes up to 30,000 chairs and

sofas each week that keeps the factory

and design team honey

we always want to strike a balance of

design creativity and consumer

acceptance we want to make sure that the

designs are fresh they're updated

they're reflective of today's

marketplace it all started back in 1928

in Monroe Michigan when two enterprising

farm boys Edward Ken a bush and Edwin

shoemaker decided to open their own

business mr. Knable was very skilled at

woodworking so he did a lot of that

himself in the early days mr. shoemaker

was a mechanical genius they got the

idea for a chair that would be on the

porch or possibly out on the lawn it was

a little wood slat chair that when you

lean back the chair would recline but

selling it wasn't easy it was after all

a seasonal chair so they decided to

upholster it so it could be sold

year-round now it just needed a name

they couldn't think of what to call it

so they decided to have a contest now we

could have ended up being a sittin

snooze company we liked the idea of

comfort carrier and someone came up with

lazy boy and they said that's it it'll

be a lazy boy chair the recliner was

downright revolutionary when it came to

furniture design anybody could make an


chair lazy boy made one that did

something it was an instant hit that was

the original reclining mechanism it's

been improved over the years but the

basic intent of the mechanism has really

stayed the same in 1961 they made it

even better the recliner rocker hit the

scene now their chair could do both you

can rock in the chair or you can recline

in the chair and you can adjust your

feet height to 16 different locations we

introduced the recliner rocker that

product change lazyboy from being a

little company in a cornfield in Monroe

Michigan to the largest upholstered

furniture manufacturer in the United

States and ultimately one of the largest

in the world today at their Factory in

Dayton Tennessee lazy boy makes more

than 70 different models of the recliner

here they build up to 20,000 shares per

week like the classic Kinley recliner

each chair is made in what's called a

sell a unit of six workers that each

play a role in the chairs construction

what's surprising is that most of the

chairs here are made to order the sell

gives the ability to deal with each

customer on an individual basis

they're trained as a team to work you

can provide the highest quality product

we can to the customer but it all starts

with raw material like wood lazy boy

builds the chair frames from scratch raw

lumber comes in through our rib first

system which basically starts cutting to


the metal works department plays the

crucial role of making the reclining

mechanism it doesn't look like much

outside of the chair but it's the key to

its success quite often I'll give people

that will say to me that they still have

their fathers or their mother's lazy boy

chair in their home and it's still

holding up grade and the mechanism still

works fine and so the chairs are very

very durable the last generation but

they have to be soft too that's where

the poly foam comes in the foam arrives

in a bun and then it goes into our

different cutting systems and it cuts

the shades whether it's for an arm a

back a footrest in that the different

buns that come in are dedicated to the

weight or density of the foam in each

chair there are up to six different

densities of foam all these materials

including the pre-cut fabric pieces for

the upholstery will end up in the cell

it's an efficient delivery system to

ensure that each chair is made to order

the cell is a unit of six workers who

assemble the chair in record time

each member does his cart the framer

puts the wood together to form the main

structure of the chair the sub

upholsterer or sub up places the foam

inside the fabric casing the suburb is

going to put the Palio or foam the

cushion and put it inside the back and

the kits that are they received from our

cutting so Center the frames and the

fabric they go together in the pollsters

they will put those and attach those to

the frames and those three parts will

then be put on a cart and then they were

delivered to the final assembly

finally the chair is inspected by the

cell member with the most ominous name

the validator our validator is actually

set in probably a hundred over 100 units

a day we're going to make sure that the

leg rest works the three leg rest

positions work and that everything's

tight there's no loose screws or

anything like that and of course the

color ok everybody wants to make sure

they get the right color so we

definitely verify our color ok but the

chair has been put through much more

rigorous testing than this in the early

stages of design the Kinley recliner is

subjected to the worst mechanical abuse

any robot could throw at it we take the

time to go through the rigor of

evaluating our units using these

different tests to make sure our

customers are satisfied the mechanism

the frame even the fabric that puts four

years of abuse in a matter of hours

all this testing means that by the time

the validator gives his final inspection

in the factory the recliner

is pretty much a lean machine the thing

that makes a lazy boy so comfortable

really is what goes in the dedication

and how the people build the chair the

team that works on it and the design

it's put together in the end the chair

has to live up to its name could it be

that being lazy has its place you know a

lot of people who I asked you know

doesn't make you lazy actually in a lot

of ways it makes you more efficient

because you're able to relax and then

when you go back to the next day or the

job or go out and take you know play

with the kids and stuff you're much more

rested and you'll be able to move on and

do things at a higher pace its founders

have been inducted into the American

furniture Hall of Fame I don't think mr.

Knable ish and mr. shoemaker had any

idea what they were embarking on when

they started the company and they did

live long enough to be successful and to

know that they've done it but I don't

think they had a clue when they started

out that it was gonna be so big