How to Jam The Receiver (Marcus Trufant)

Marcus Trufant cornerback for Seattle

and today I'm going to tell you how to

jam up the receiver at the line at the

pro level technique is very important

looking good feeling good you always

hear about that kind of stuff the

technique is the most important thing

first of all and again what you want to

do is you want to start in the defensive

chair the football position for me

personally you know shoulder width apart

hands ready ready to strike ready to

attack then you can go left right you

can go back and you can go forward

you're always going to be long you

always want to be comfortable and that's

the main but it starts with the stands

and always gonna be ready to play but

when the wide receiver comes off he's

making his move you want to keep the

seat I kind of like the ground the time

you don't want to be on the ground too

long so keep your feet moving through

our receiver hitches on laughing to go

right you can come straight at you keep

your feet moving that's coaches always

teach you so you got to do it.why

receivers are so good so fast so quickly

big and strong you not always going

there to get two hands on so the off

hand down he goes this way you take a

couple shuffles ride them out goes

inside you hit them with this hand and

you ride them out you never want to go

with the same hand same foot can lock

your hips out in the water receivers

you're gonna hit that hand down you're

gonna run right by the main a chin from

the damage and go to timing off and get

the water to go off this line so if you

can jam them up right amount inside ride

them out outside it's gonna make your

job a lot easier today we went over a

couple key things if you want to get a

good time on the water see if it all

starts with stance you want to be able

to get low have your hands ready they

can get my receiver good pop you know

right or left and of course you want to

get them off this line so it's not an

easy release and catch then you want to

go to make your claim that's what it's

all about so if you do all those things

make it hard for quarterback

to make a perfect throw and if not then

we make a play in the Saturn PB you all