Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk?

see how the trouble you've started oh

really I didn't think abot that's the

point if you don't think you shouldn't

talk clean cop wake up move down move

down move down move down and now my to

here as you with Fame oh yes I was

sitting on the riverbank with her with

you knew who I do I mean I see a tee tee

come come my dear

don't you care for tea oh yes I'm very

fond of tea they don't care for tea you

could at least make polite conversation

well I've been trying to ask you I have

an excellent idea let's change the

subject why in the raven like a


riddles Massena why is a raven like a


I beg your pardon why is a raven like a

writing-desk what she stark Ravin the


but is your silly riddle you just said

sorry don't get it something all about a

nice cup of tea have a cup of tea indeed

what I'm sorry but I just hasn't the

time time the time oh no no no time no

time no time

hello goodbye I'm late I'm late the

right Rabi I'm chilly

well no wonder you're late by this sock

is exactly two faithful TD slow cross

you're late my goodness we'll have to

look into this oh I see what's wrong

with it why's that swatch is full of

wheel oh my gosh


hello thank you but uh that's fine no no

no no no you'll get crumbs in it

Oh what are you talking about tea tea oh

I never thought to go sugar to spoon

just to spoon thank you yes damn damn I

forgot all about it just show you want

to place the steam not there yet but

muster don't let's be silly lemon that's

different us yeah that should do it

two days slow that's what it is