Alice in Wonderland - Tea Party HD

it's you know it's not my twist broach

the wrong colors let's the wrong Alice

it's absolutely Alice you're absolutely

Alice I'd know you anywhere I'd know him


well as you can see we're still having

tea and it's all because I was a special

time waiting for your return terribly

late you know no tea well anyway time

became grand offended don't give up

everything can't time can be funny in

dreams yes yes of course but now you're

back you see and we need to get on to

the frabjous day

Philip just be investigating things that

begin with the letter M have you any

idea why a raven is like a writing desk

Oh what done with the bloody big head

bloody big head being the Red Queen come

come we simply must commence with the

slaying inside

therefore it is high time just to pay

for it give whichever comes first or is

in any case a most convenient I'm

waiting well it's tickets ticket again


all this talk of blood and slain put me

off my P entire world is falling to ruin

for chess has office team what happened

that day was not my fault

Judea you run out on him to save your

own skin you godless Scottish pilgrim

sukham juggling searching your fault

oh no more bernetta thank you

yeah I'm fine what's wrong with you

Tarrant you used to be the life of the

party you used to do the best

whackin in all of witsand Fatah what

miss it dance only frabjous day

when the white queen once again wears

the crown

on that day I shall Futterwacken