🎤 Rap Song Structure: Professional Secrets And Tricks 🎤

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when it's part of the game in this video

we're talking about a rap song structure

all types from basic to advanced what's

currently and commonly used as a rap

song structure I'm going to show you how

to arrange a song and then give you

examples of a song arranged very well

now this is extremely important for

numerous reasons and this video number

one I'm gonna explain to you what rap

song structure is number two explaining

why it is so vital and then number three

how do I rate this song properly we're

gonna get into this to kind of show you

example I'm also telling you to show you

some song structure secrets why case you

don't know song structure which is also

called song arrangement it's how

different sections in the song are

positioned to make up the overall

composition of a song and most

songwriters are rappers or you know

lyricist they don't tend to really

understand the massive value and

importance of good song arrangement when

it comes to bringing the listener on a

trip or a ride or a vibe through a song

because as artists we typically just

tend to think of the lyrics in the way

that our voice sounds when you really

break it down just as important and the

reason why somebody who is the producer

gets half of the song is because the

instrumentation be in the arrangement of

the beats are very very important the

order of the instruments the vocals the

loudness of each part and how much

instrumentation or instruments are in

each part is part of the arrangement and

the arrangement is going to intrigue

somebody who is a listener to want to

keep listening all the way through it

has to tickle their ear and it has to

bring them on a rollercoaster pretty

much if you get them on the

roller-coaster bring them through the

ride and then arranges so well but they

want to get on the ride again when you

structure a song correctly across the

board they'll be exciting the whole song

and then they'll build okay and when you

have that type of build is called

crescendo and crescendo is a slight

progressive increase in volume that's

why you'll have a song and kind of

starts here and when it ends it's

generally as loud as it gets especially

in pop music and there's a reason for

them because if you get on a

rollercoaster where's the most enjoyable

part you know I'm saying it's really

towards the end all right the end and

then it just kind of calms down what

happens you want

on that more right it's the same way

with a song the way that you arrange

them inside of that beat all the way

through the song matters because it

carries the listener through this song

and that's why song arrangement is so

important yeah are the six million

pieces of a rap songs arrangement and as

well as all popular music in general

right now is number one you have an


number two is verses number three's

pre-chorus or post chorus and we're both

number four is chorus number five is

bridge number six is outro I'm next when

you want each one of these individually

are extremely important number one the

intro brings the listener in if you pull

them in within the first 10 seconds

they're already intrigued they want to

keep listening

you need that especially since you don't

get paid from a stream on a streaming

platform such as Spotify unless they

listen for at least 30 seconds so if you

don't pull them in the first 10 seconds

they're not gonna get to 30 seconds and

you don't get paid for a string very

valuable very important they're you know

why the verse is important but you also

need to understand and I have videos on

this how to pull them in with certain

lyrics in certain rhythms and certain

flows immediately instead of your first

if you jump in wrapping and it's not

interesting I'm turning it over okay a

pre-chorus is what leads or starts

building the tension and really start

typing the piece up prior to the course

so when the chorus drops it hits even

harder and the course is obviously the

most important part because this is what

people turn a song back on you turn this

one back on they hear that chorus 99%

it's not that's the reason why right and

then a bridge is not always existent but

a bridge is the piece towards the end of

the song is also called a middle eight

generally toward the end of the song

well that's what's called a bridge it

bridges the gap bridge happens about

here and it bridges it for this final

chorus to happen where it's just super

loud and the song goes off you don't

always have a bridge but a lot of songs

do have bridges bridges are extremely in

pop music there's generally always a

bridge like every Taylor Swift song how

you do the outro is the mood that you're

leaving the listener with when they when

the song goes off do you fade it at the

end you cut it off abruptly how long is

the episode how does it make them feel

when it's over and more importantly as

the outs will make them want to go back

to the intro again cuz that's how you

get that repeat say get them to keep

streaming your song that's what you want

so now let's talk about the most popular

song arrangements and rap music today

but hey all right now these are the two

most popular forms of song arrangement

and it's very simple don't get

overwhelmed with it it's obvious he's

always gonna start with

right so it can go intro then it goes

straight to a verse and that can be

eight bars twelve bars sixteen bars it

really depends on your song to delivery

how you're building it then it goes to

chorus verse chorus chorus outro now

we're the reason is a double chorus is

obviously they want to keep hearing that

chorus alright there's actually there's

so much to song arrangement but it's so

beautiful when she do this but let's

keep going now the second one that's

very popular is intro chorus so instead

of having a verse first and building to

the course the chorus comes in

immediately and people want to hear that

so they know they don't have to wait for

it but it also again it depends on how

you build your song so intro chorus

verse chorus verse chorus outro that's

very simple and this is a very standard

way that people make songs it doesn't it

doesn't necessarily always have to be a

double of course at the end maybe it's

just one course it brilliant appends on

all the factors but these are the

standard now let's talk about a little

tecna's ransom okay because there's only

one verse in a while there's not a 100%

woman this is his out legit to do they

generally follow the same guidelines

from the one that just showed you so

with little teca's ransom song he goes

it's actually he does it and it's a bit

of an extended verse but the reason why

you like this song so much is because

what look at how much of the song is

chorus I'll God it's all just the

catchiest parts over and over again and

a lot of pop music is like this but

generally tell pop music least tells a

story which the his song doesn't tell

story at all generally to be a second

verse to round up whatever was said in

the first verse and complete the story

right but in this circumstance he didn't

need to because it's just a rap song

about really nothing right but it's very

catchy so there's a lot of course going

on and what's that do that makes you

want to repeat the song over and over

and over again and also the listener

knows the lyrics for that for 80% of the

song why because 80% of the song is the

same and it's also the same melody so

it's easy to remember and this is why a

song like this can blow up very easy

very short song as well and that's why

it has a lot of replay value I saying

follow this it depends on your song that

depends you melodies depends on a lot of

things but this this works too there's

no 100% rule but generally you're gonna

have the verse of the course first so

I'm gonna region is about you have to

build your song you have to decide how

it goes okay and if you're producing

your own beats go ahead beside where

certain chores go and layer them in

certain places so that the song bills

properly remember I said the length of a

verse depends on

you build the song if you go listen to

my song shark tank you're gonna notice

that the verse the first verse is only

four bars and then what happens the

chorus seamlessly comes in right after

four bars alright and then you have

another verse and then the hook comes

back again and then you have another

person is actually three verses in this

song but I'm allowed to do three verses

because the first verse was only four

bars but I didn't want to jump in right

with the hook because I wanted to build

into the hook the course happens worst

happens course heavens verse happens and

then there's actually an outro that is

entertaining this audio and snippets of

them talking I didn't just end it I

ended it by wrapping up the story as if

I was delivering a pitch on shark tank

so they it creates an overall experience

and this is again this is a different

arrangement then the other Ranger has we

talked about bulaga first chorus verse

chorus verse chorus after all right very

easy very easy again the amount of bars

you decided do depends on how you're

writing the song depends on the floor

this one depends on the melodies you've

chosen I had a song I wrote last week

where I had 16 I had 16 bars I really

liked what the last four bars didn't it

just didn't go right like the delivery

of the first 12 firstly the bar is at

nine through 12

I love the delivery of them and they

made more sense for it to end on these

bars to go into the hook so I deleted

the sixteen left over twelve okay like

you have to make these decisions then

how does it flow cut out pieces then

actually notice one that I made so I'm

gonna need the most recent song that I

made I cut out a ton of bars and now

they have a twelve bar verses and then

it jumps right back into the super

catchy hook and actually I don't even

ever the course I am a verse okay

there's twelve bars at the end of the

song and then it goes out and what this

does to the listener and why I decided

to do this is the hook is so catchy on

this song when it ends you're like oh my

god there's no hook where's the hook I

need to hear this hook again they have

to loop it again to hear the song like

to hear to hear the hook again and

that's a little bit of a trick you can't

always do that but I can't and the

reason being is the way that I left off

the end of the song I murdered the verse

on the very end so you always want to

hear me murder it and I had the hardest

bar is the last bar on the song and it's

just like it ends with AK aggression

you're like oh my god I want to hear

that again so again part of the rules go

hasn't that always rules this is one of

the first songs I've ever done this word

I ended it with the verse now with the


actually a good time for me to make this

video right there's not always a rule it

depends on how does this song need to

end how does this what's gonna make the

listener want to loop this again what

sounds the best and also had a lot of

bars for this there wasn't even a hook

at first in this it was just like three

minutes of bars then it turned out I

don't like a lot of the bar so I started

cutting out the bars that weren't is

flowing didn't match as well and I

replace those parts with the hook area

and then I went back in I took out

something that wasn't entertaining

enough and added speed rap in there

because I'm like this needs some speed

raps somewhere to change it up and

excite the listener and that happens in

the second verse before the hook happens

which the last look that happens in the

song so you just want to hear that all

again it's all about the ride okay this

is this is a song rate yeah it's one

checking my songwriting courses my lip

reading course I'll put links below for

you this is just the how to rap basics

rap song song structure is very

important but it's a very basic thing

you need to learn this typically it's

16-bar verse eight to sixteen bar chorus

sixteen barbers okay that's how it

generally is but you see there's no

rules it's about how does it sound

how does it flow how can you get them to

replay and that's rap song structure can

move a like you know to comment okay do

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