How does rain form and what is the water cycle?


let's look at the size of rain and how

raindrops fall first we'll need the Sun

when the Sun shines on water on the

Earth's surface the heat of the Sun

warms the water turning it into an

invisible gas called water vapour this

process the changing of water into a gas

is called evaporation because gases are

lighter than liquids water vapor rises

up into the sky and the further you move

up and away from the Earth's surface the

code and the temperature gets so in the

sky the water vapor cools and changes

back into tiny water droplets this

change is called condensation and is the

opposite of evaporation clouds are made

up of tiny water droplets so when

condensation occurs in the sky clouds

form and grow let's take a closer look

when water droplets bump into one

another they stick together and grow in

size they continue to grow until they

are too heavy and fall as rain

they even grows they bump into one

another on their journey from the cloud

to the ground and every single raindrop

that reaches the ground is made up of 1

million of the original tiny water



raindrops fall on the ground surface or

the Sun can shine on them and the whole

process happens again this is called the

water cycle and keeps water moving from

the ground to the sky providing the

water needed for plants animals and

people to survive so now you know