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Mollusca mollusks are invertebrates that

are found in the ocean and freshwater

and even on land almost all mollusks

have these common traits a soft body and

bilateral symmetry an internal or

external shell a toothed tongue called a

radula the red jewel is used by mollusk

for feeding and is sometimes compared to

a tongue but it's not exactly like a

tongue this radula is found in every

class of Mullis except the bivalves a

mantle which is a covering of the

visceral mass the visceral mass contains

the digestive excretory and reproductive

organs an organized a nervous system and

a muscular foot that may be used for

movement let's take a look at three

major classes of Mullis gastropods have

a head and a foot although the names

snail can be and is often applied to

members of this class it is commonly

used for those gastropods with an

external shell gastropods without a

shell are more commonly referred to as

slugs the class gastropods have a huge

diversification of habitats you can find

them in gardens woodlands deserts and

even in the depths of the ocean

examples include snails and slugs

another class of Mullis are by valves by

valves have two shells

some examples include clams oysters

mussels and scallops

they do not have a head and most are

filter feeders and finally you have the

cephalopods cephalopods have a prominent

head body and foot and usually a set of

arms or tentacles animals in this class

are coniferous predators and many have

beak like jaws all cephalopods show a

very well-developed nervous system along

with eyes several can change colors very

quickly or have very bright colors

examples include octopus squid and

cuttlefish the cuttlefish is very famous

for having the ability to change its

color very quickly and to blend in

almost any background in the movie

Jurassic world the geneticists used the

DNA of a cuttlefish in the indominus rex

and this allowed this genetically

engineered dinosaur to instantly blend

into its environment

remember this was made up Hollywood

stuff but it still was interesting

although the cuttlefish appears to have

super heroe almost hollywood-type

abilities it really can change its color

very very quickly so there we go

a look at the phylum Mollusca thanks for

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