How to know when a rabbit is sleeping

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today today we are going to talk about

today we're going to talk about how to

know when your rabbit is asleep because

rabbits believe it or not sleep with

their eyes open well rabbits can sleep

with their eyes open they don't always

they can't close their eyes to so some

people might be wondering well then how

do you know Wayne you rabbit sleeping

where are they even sleeping at all they

just always seem to be they just always

seem to be awake so I'm here to tell you

there are generally three positions your

rabbit will sleep in one is the loaf

position you can know because they look

like a little loaf of bread with ears

they usually will sleep with their eyes

open in this position but in the other

position there's a printer's if they're

kind of sprawled out there sprawled out

sometimes they'll put their head down on

their paws and sleep sometimes their

head will be up and they'll be sleeping

like that and it's just like well you

got a look at them and see aren't they


they just being comfortable and then the

third position that they will sleep in

it's like totally flopped over if you've

ever seen senior Rafa you want me to pay

you or you want treats let me pay okay

she's you can't see her in the camera

but she's right to you by my hands

that's why they're moving like this oh

yeah the other position that rabbits

will sleep in means when they're totally

flopped over on their side and usually

you can tell when they're sleeping like

that because they will have their eyes

closed and they will be just totally

cocktails I'm still even be snoring

believe it or not rabbits can snore so

how can you tell if your rabbit is

sleeping in these positions or just

getting comfortable well one way you can

tell is by looking at their nose when

rabbit is sleeping my nose will usually

stop moving rabbits don't breathe by

moving their nose they can they can

breathe without moving their nose

the twitcher their nose take your ferret

which is um is though a way for them to

actually smell better it it stimulates

their scent glands so that they can so

they can better smell things around them

and if there's like something right from

their nose you'll notice there that it's

going real fast as they try to figure

out what it is so that's why they twitch

their nose so when they're sleeping

that generally their nose will stop

twitching and that's one way to know

that's the easiest way to know if your

rabbit is sleeping some rabbits when

they're sleeping they'll start to dream

and this is the cutest thing when they

are like totally conked out sleeping

they might start to twitch their mouth a

little bit my nose and those we're going

and that means they're just out they are

they are very much asleep and is it's

the cutest thing they're just like

twitching their mouths and maybe

murmuring a little bit and they're

dreaming I mean I assume they're

dreaming I don't actually know but I'm

not thinking any like brainwaves of them

but they seem to be dreaming at that

point and it's just it's really cute to

watch to watch them twitch their little

mouth and nose I wonder what they're

dreaming about sometimes they'll also

twitch their feet a little bit

especially if they're sprawled out or

flopped over another way you can know if

your rabbit is sleeping is basically by

how reactive they are to the environment

around them they will still be if

they're sleeping with their eyes open

they will still be able to be sensitive

to light changes so any any big light

changes will usually wake them up also

loud sounds will still wake them up

pretty quickly but sounds that are not

so loud hi Sally what's up I feel like

you're making little sounds that are not

so loud that they would usually react to

I love you then that could be an

indication that they are sleeping yes I

love you now you might not ever really

notice you rabbit is sleeping because

they do wake up very fast if they if

they notice any loud sounds or changes

in light so you know it's possible that

it seems like they're just always aware

but that's just a rabbit defense

mechanism Wiki being able to become

aware very fast and run away very

quickly this would save their life but

they were in the wild so but being able

to sleep with their eyes open you know

helps them become aware even that much

faster so that they could run away

quicker and go hide and save themselves

from any predators that are coming to

get them

so now you know how to tell if your

rabbit is sleeping and and you know that

they can sleep with their eyes open if

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