Public Limited Company - Formation of a Company | Class 11 Business Studies

hello everyone welcome back to magnet

rings my name is payal Coakley and in

sweida member annajura here types of

companies on the basis of ownership case

second type kobbari me that is public

company CIB to come Nepal I have private

company concept this way on me baat karu

keep private company whoa company oh

they're just me I'm Lukas a person among

the general public's a person among

three humph private placements a pestle

later he shares sugarcane company for


lately hey up legs Ankara say yeah happy

to result ahead being a public company

as the name suggests public but lucky

stable salary normal public super salary

3 ik se company hey do general public's

a personality hey Jo acid for such as

Kelly invitation they tak share

subscribe TJ Imre compliment was sorry

formalities curtain I apologize ma'am a

public company is a company which is not

a private company ok this is the best

definition to anybody are struck you

both a public company vol compared to

private nahi

but lucky I Scott he s he comes me here

to private name is come a club you

occupy layup private party are you belly

up private so much ki aapke who's come

at last I wasn't me I get to up a public

about love so much my RJ I go lay kini

definition above me examination then I

helix act a reason being reason a heck

is a pops a question Kia Tata to open a

question male reference in a basically

he Cisco alga reference day beer I had

the whose reference Cooper explain

kenapa raiga you happy a private company

reference data here to pay lay up

explain get a private company Quixote

head to be a perky definition Africa

answered valid monitor a cop kalakeya a

public companies a company which is not

a private company Mohammed a private

company gamma Club potato hum a

definition so much may I equip a have

overcome zoo private company Cartier Joe

companies was up come the Hinkle T vahik

acolytes out here public company Kelly

shorty here

and I hope I've never up would slow

video they Caillou Kyogre aku private

come at Lumbini Park you public coveted

name butter szeliga so when he cut open

a food a cliche fair up Queen happens

automatically raga

as for the Companies Act I ate a public

am T's one which has minimum seven

members members malleable can't

shareholders so just came minimum sought

shareholders with a or maximum peak oil

limit nahi hey infinite hooting hey

maximum bakery limited nahi hain

infinity booth in here who say I'm

cowboy there who say Humboldt a public

company it has no restriction on

transfer of securities as in my previous

video Minako but i oughtta keep private

company made restriction OPM and i have

cover 200 while i example be Sanjaya

he's your happy a son he here

maja P restriction QR it eqqui maximum

limit fixed fee yeah happy to Isaac we

fix to beanie two S's in re Omega happy

AV restriction hanging here hamare

transferability pay Kwai be securities

be it's a tie kisi KO BB it's a tie

kisses a Putin Akiko is a rude man he

variable toy not prohibited to invite

general public to subscribe it

securities private company make out a

hum general public keep a jockey unko in

white and he third circuit a kie

share subscribe kitty how my son nahi

courtesy makinia happy home isa kerr

sucked a hey Matt Lubbock public company

general public oh invitation mates of ta

ki a merry company my subscribe ki jiye

variable pay however a private company

which is a substrate of public companies

also considered to be a problem company

okay so yeah hobby my up course on Hwy a

last line come Matt lucky him last line

come out love him

geek private company tea chaotic private

company I'm a Python a private company


Pvt Ltd girl character three private

company tea Laken there was this public

company there was this public company

Disney is company key 60% she's carried

rocket a is a public company is private

company K sixty percent shares carried

away hey or hemay pata hey 51 % k beyond

agar way up caches carita hip

- whoa company Gavin's wotty a holding

company buns OT hey - yaja P private

company Kia hey it's a holding company

whereas hip riccati his subsidiary

company hey subsea dirty company toe

holding company okey it's up stray

company okay holding company with Laveau

company to 51% Savelle shares carry

three hey or subtree company for company

just get 51% do three comes Meeker

either he shares up situation he he he a

public company agar private company key

holding one ja t here SS scenario may

yellow hamari public company private

company you know you privately ready

baby camera Joey deemed public oh c'mon

is Wragge beamed public is come o'clock

yahwah public key subtree will also be

considered as public company public key

subsidiary will also be considered as

what public - yaha pika Bolton aquifers

the statement but how the - statement

michalak away statement says let me

delete believe Allah however a private

company will benefit as I said rocker

key which is subsidy of public company a

private company Suki squeeze of shreya

public company key subsidy a will also

be considered as word public company

SSN re Omega sub 3 company private

Nawrocki cavenaghi public burn jayegi

though however a private company which

is substrate of public company is also

considered as what a public company

I hope up with so much I on a point

that's very easy point with that I guess

is similar point a government company

key scenario may kick government comes

Nikki sub 3 Company B government company

money's out there

do another points copy out connealy

except for exactly with that I hope to

public company or concept so much we

have got oh yeah hobby up with yes I was

making a private company or concepts of

as mayanna's or the salary and I hope

movie South America Co ABI put out it to

come in section at Lee's leaky betta a

with that no a note Shia the magnet

brains rod compa jockey up notes less

active that's the official website just

calling up Co subscription or

description box women's I go thank you

so much