PS3 in 2020 (Is It Worth It?)

The ps3 was considered by many to be the black sheep of the PlayStation franchise

Launching 13 years ago its footprint in the home gaming market was very small and some considered it to be a failure

But after a couple of years it became known as one of Sony's greatest consoles ps3

Single-handedly became the console that ushered us gamers into the HD gaming market today

I'll be taking a look at the ps3 and see how it holds up almost 13 years later

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But without further ado, let's get right into it in the beginning of 2006

Sony was just calling off of its award winning streak with the ps2

The ps2 was the world's best-selling console with it selling over 150 million units worldwide

But years later the ps2 started to show its age

It's only needed a revolutionary console to pull the market into HD gaming

Sony at first started experimenting with prototypes that could push out HD graphics in outstanding quality for its time the first designs of the ps3

Included two HDMI ports and three ethernet jacks after realising the absurdity of its original design

They cut costs on the ps3 by removing those ports Sony began trialing it ps3 with amazing specs such as the Cell processor

and a never-seen-before blu-ray drive

but these chosen specs would lead to the ps3 to have a terrible launch since I were

Incredibly expensive to implement into the system the blu-ray drive costing about half of the whole system

Sony decided to cut costs everywhere they could after a year in development the ps3 launched on the 11th of November

2006 and it was criticized heavily as it had the worst launch our console could ever have the main reason for this was its price

which was $600 us for the 60 gigabyte and

$500 for the 20 gigabyte these prices made the ps3 a laughingstock at e3

But funnily enough when the ps3 launched it started to sell really well by the end of its lifecycle

It sold over 80 7.4 million units, which is considered to be far from a failure

Sony released many models of the ps3 such as the original fat version a slim and a super slim the original fat could play ps2

games, but surely after

Remove this feature of in some of their fat models and then on all of the slim versions the model I have is the 40

Gigabyte the piercer included a 3.2 gigahertz Cell processor

256 megabytes of RAM Nvidia graphics processor clocked at 550 megahertz and storage options from 20 gigs all the way up to

160 these specs help to solidify the ps3 as the decades the most

Powerful console using the ps3 in 2020 is a great experience with a sporting a modern interface that holds up with today

It's easy to navigate and it looks great with a being native in 1080

The ps3 came with the new dual shock 3 controller, which was Wireless and how to rechargeable batteries

It wasn't much different from the original Dual Shock 1 & 2 but I felt very plasticky overall

It was a nice controller

but nothing amazing the console had a very big footprint but also being quite heavy the ps3 had a power button on the front they

Could put your finger over to turn it on

It also had a blu-ray drive at the front with two USB ports on the bottom portion on top

You had the iconic spider-man 2 inspired logo for the ps3 on the back

You had a HDMI port AV port Ethernet jack and an optical out for audio files the ps3 had a modern design with a nice

Black glossy finish it was tall and big but it wasn't very intrusive when you had it in your living room

the only thing intrusive about this console was its fan and blu-ray drive which was incredibly loud when it was on it kicked up when

Playing certain 3d games and it made late night gaming a total nightmare

This may have not been an issue for people with well air-conditioned rooms, but for those less fortunate

The ps3 sported many great titles like modern warfare 2 and 3 burner paradise and the Fallout series which have all been done in

Beautiful HD quality, which for the time was unheard of these games may have looked good on paper

But when they were developed it was a nightmare

The ps3 was very hard to develop for in its earliest due to the lack of cooperation the cel processor

offered to its

developers you can see this in some early titles like Call of Duty where the graphics may have looked worse on the powerful system when

Compared to the Xbox 360 the only company to get it right first try it was Naughty Dog with this loss of us series

Which looked amazing with its graphics and still does today after?

2010 company started mastering the ps3 and released some amazing looking games on it which made the Xbox look like a joke

Playing games on the system is a blast as you go from mission to Mission and track to track

One game in particular that I played non-stop on the ps3 was flat new Vegas

Now this game may have not been a great looking game at first

But what you could do in it is where the game shined it had great characters a ton of quests and a lot of shooting

as a fallout fan

I've enjoyed playing the Fallout series again on the old console to see how this evolved from fallout 3 to new vegas

When it comes to racing you have burnout paradise, which is amazing game to play online in in single player

Sure, you have other games like Gran Turismo

But Burnette paradise was great for its reason of having a massive open world

With the inclusion of online now the ps3 in 2020 has been so far a great console, but should you buy it in 2020?

Obviously, yes because of the replay value you get with it

The console may be old but there are a ton of games for it which look great and have stood the test of time

It has a modern interface with a blu-ray drive. They can play movies in the best quality

Honestly, I can find it hard for people not to pick this up

it is a cheap blu-ray player that goes from around 40 to 60 dollars if you're looking to go on a stouter trip and have

Hours of fun I really think the ps3 would be a great Buy in 2020