PS3 controller not charging? try this

here is a possible option to fix your

non charging ps3 controller right now

the ps3 is hooked up to the controller

as you can see and it is not charging

ps3 is on and if this were working

normally it would be charging right now

now the reason that it's not charging I

suspect is in the USB cable itself it's

not suitable for charging just signal so

you can use this USB perhaps to sync

stuff to your phone or whatever but it's

not a good charging cable so what you

should do is always stick to the stock

USB cable that came with your ps3 as you

can see it's a lot thicker and that

might mean that it's suited better for

charging so you see right there

plug it in

and within a few seconds it should start

flashing indicating that it's charging

yep there you go it's charging just as

it should and hopefully this video helps

some people this problem was plaguing me

for about a week I couldn't really use

my controller unless it was plugged into

the ps3 and that was a pain so if you've

tried everything like you've tried

resyncing your controller if you've had

it tested at say a friend's house and it

charges fine there

the culprit could just be your USB cable

anyways thank you for watching and

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