How To Clean A Playstation 3 Controller

every time yes and then controller the

buttons got stuck because it's dirty

don't blame the controller I'm just


no it's 30 and I'll show you how to

clean it right now

all right so here's our dirty controller

we're going to need a small Phillips

head screwdriver some Windex and some

paper towels to clean her out so the

first step is to flip it over this five

screws one two three four five take

those five out so once you get all five

screws out

you can then hold the controller like

this and pull it apart

notice how I'm pulling from there it's

the easiest way to do it then the trick

here is try to get the back off back of

the controller off without pulling these

buttons off because that will make your

life a lot easier later on so you kind

of jiggle it up and forward and take it

off like that and you can set that aside

if there's any dirt in here you can get

some canned air or some Windex and just

clean it out too it's a good idea since

you have it open already the next step

is to remove the battery now don't just

pull on these cables here because that

could damage this connector you don't

want to do that what you want to do is

get a small flathead screwdriver and

kind of jiggle it gently out and if it

doesn't come out at first you can use

these little holes here these slots and

kind of push the connector off from the


next you want to take this small

Phillips head screw and take it out to

next different PlayStation 3 controllers

have different insides depending on

which model you have this particular one

which is the most popular and recent

model has a large plastic tray almost

that connects everything some of them

don't have trays that connect the motors

to the rest of the controller so this

one does and I'll show you how to remove

it you there's small tabs on the left

and right side of each motor three four

so what you want to do is release the

tabs one at a time using a screwdriver

or your fingernail and that allows you

to lift up do the same thing on the

other side

and that frees the motors okay once

those are slightly free you'll want to

lift up on the buttons slightly the

trigger buttons here on the back just a

little bit so that way button one L&R

become loose once they're loose take

them out then the entire assembly can be

released and you could set that aside

for now since what we'll be

concentrating on are these pads and the

buttons underneath now's a good time to

mention that you might want to keep

track of which goes where this cross

shaped pad goes for the directional

buttons and the flower-like one goes for

the circle square and whatever the hell

you want to call them buttons

there's also another pad here which

covers the start select on the PS button

so you'll want to take them all out and

then you can just kind of flip the

controller over shake everything out so

you have the ps3 button the for action

button so I call them because I don't

really know what they're supposed to be

called in this little cross button now

you want to get some Windex and wet a

paper towel this will clean off any gunk

that may cause your buttons to stick

when you push them in which is a common

problem then you could clean off these

pads as well if you don't have any

Windex you could also use a little bit

of rubbing alcohol you could make a

mixture of one to one water and alcohol

so now we move to the top of the

controller do the same thing just make

sure that all the spaces are clean if

you have to get a q-tip and just rub

around inside just to make sure that

there's no gunk or I don't even want to

know what you have stuck in your

controller all right now that it's clean

it's time to put it all back together

and to do that first start with the top

of the controller facedown

and keep in mind where all the buttons

go so we start with a triangle and note

that there's small tabs the tabs line up

here that way they only go in one way

and they can't rotate so that way

they're always facing up then we put the

membranes back on put the membrane back

on there make sure that it's all the way

down you know what that's sticking up at

all it should be flat

this goes on next alright now that's

clean let's set it aside for a minute

you can now turn your attention to this

part of the controller the circuit board

in the membrane contacts if you have to

you can get a q-tip with Windex and just

you know rub off anything that's there

don't rub too hard and don't them use

anything too caustic nothing more than a

little bit of Windex or maybe some

alcohol and water because you don't want

to corrode anything all right so now

that that's clean we could start putting

it back together and to do that we just

follow the same instructions as we did

but in Reverse this is a tricky part

because these two pieces tend to a

wobble around quite a bit so we kind of

want everything in there loosely alright

you just jiggle it until it gets in


okay you want to put the l1 and r1

triggers back in and they slide in from

the top like so

then once those are in you have to take

this assembly and kind of slide it down

into place same on both sides make sure

that the buttons feel alright now a lot

of people might have some problems with

the l2 and r2 trigger buttons coming out

now let me show you how to get those

back in properly I'm going to take them

out on purpose you should try to fix

your controller without taking them out

but if they do come out it's an easy fix

there's a small spring here anything

there we go

see the small spring to put them back in

you want to move the spring up like that

so that way it catches see how it's

catching there and then push these two

tabs into these two holes there's one on

either side so make sure that the spring

is up there and then push down to the

two tabs there you go

so then once that's in place you want to

get the motherboard of the controller

back into its slot and remember that the

the joysticks are connected to that so

you gotta make sure that they're in

place properly there's also some small

pins that need to line up ones right

here make sure that they're lined up and

then everything's flat then you can

replace the screw that we took out

earlier that holds it all in place push

the motors back into place so you hear

the click and before we close up the

back you want to just give all the

buttons on the front a quick check to

make sure that they all feel alright and

they do

we could reconnect the battery get the

back on if you start like this and

slowly maneuver it over the buttons and

then down you can get it back on without

any em any problems alright replace the

five screws and they have it a nice

clean ps3 controller

you know not really playing a game oh

yeah I'm winning

yeah yeah we did it nothing on