Classic Game Room - PS3 DUALSHOCK 3 controller review

this is the PlayStation 3 controller the

sixaxis controller which came with the

older model PlayStation 3s and this is

the PlayStation 3 controller the

DualShock 3 controller which comes with

the newer PlayStation 3s the PlayStation

3 slim and has a rumble feature to give

some vibration and tactile sensation

while playing video games making you

feel like you're more in the action but

do you know what's an even better

controller the PlayStation 2 Dual Shock

2 controller not just because this one

is silver but because this thing

vibrates like mad when you're playing a

video game

driving shooting blowing things up or

punching things it's shaking all over

the place and will freak you out if it's

sitting on the coffee table and you're

not paying attention it just starts


you know what I'm talking about this

thing this thing doesn't Rumble quite as

vigorously and I'm not sure if that's

just due to the controller itself or due

to the fact that video game designers

are bored of making controllers vibrates

rumbling controllers are nothing new

they've been around for well over a

decade the dreamcast and 64 playstation

1 all had some rumbling controllers they

still highlighted on the back of

packaging here DualShock 3 compatible

it's great for driving games I think

that's where it's most applicable to

give you a feel of the road but it's

also fun for shooting games and it

depends on the game and the design

company but it doesn't seem like there's

much excitement with rumblin controllers

anymore like it's just kind of expected

whereas it used to be exciting it was

like yesterday's motion control

technology every game had a rumbling

thing it was like oh cool how does this

Rumble and not so much these days that

being said the big question is is it

worth upgrading to a DualShock 3

controller from the old-school sixaxis

controller if this is the only one that

you have and my opinion is not really

but you do get is a heftier controller

it weighs more and that's a good thing

in fact I think that's its best feature

it feels more substantial and will bring

out the handy dandy baking scale now

let's put the six access controller onto

the baking scale which comes in at just

about five ounces now let's place the

DualShock 3 controller onto the baking

scale which is a whopping six and a half

ounces you get an additional ounce and a

half when you pay for a DualShock 3

controller now let's just put the

PlayStation 2 controller up there

six and 1/8 ounce while they've actually

increased the weight but if you're

looking at one of these things as a

replacement controller the price is just

outrageous however it's nice to see that

they do come with the newer PlayStation

3s this is the one that came with the

new classic game room ps3 slim 250

gigabyte model and I've been using it

for several game reviews and it works

well I would just prefer to see more

rumbling and video games back like when

the PlayStation 2 or the PlayStation 1

Dual Shock controller was new and

designers were really excited about it

and even when you just walked across a

room it would be like boom boom boom


most of the nice things I had to say

about the sixaxis controller i will

repeat with the DualShock 3 sixaxis

controller battery life seems pretty

good nice analog thumb sticks sometimes

these triggers aren't ideal but they

still do work nicely the d-pad seems to

have a bit more texture on it in the

older 6 axis or my playstation 2

controllers but that could be because

I've used them more I don't have a brand

new one laying around buttons are well

designed and build quality feels good

what's next what could top the DualShock

3 what's the DualShock 4 going to be

sony what will it be how about I invade

your dreams and plant an idea like

Inception the DualShock 4 prototype

which has suction cup feet so it grips

the surface when you play video games

and doesn't just rumble the controller

it grumbles and shakes existence as we

know it