How to Sync your PS3 Controller for First Use on your PS3

hi guys thank you for watching the video

and in this video I'm gonna teach you

how to synchronize your ps3 controller

with your ps3 console for the first time

and what you see here right in front of

you I have a tip party ps3 controller as

you can see it doesn't have any Sony

brand right here and the center button

is replaced by a Petri word instead of

the PS button but the hold outlook and

the buttons as well as the analog

joysticks here pretty much the same as

the official one so you have to take

note if this controller is just right

out of the box and you have never

connected to your ps3 console you need

to synchronize it for usage for the very

first time and in order to that it's

actually quite simple you take your USB

cable connect the other side to your ps3

console and connect this side of dit con

to your ps3 controller there you go and

you can see that there's actually four

blinking lights right now well this is

actually indicating that it's charging

but it's not connected yet to

synchronize for the first time simply

press the Petri button or the PS button

at the center you see the four winking

lights now change to one blinking light

it means that your ps3 controller is now

synchronized with your ps3 console and

the one thinking like it means that it's

actually charging so if you leave it to

charge and this light turns into a solid

the red light means that your ps3

controller is fully charged

now let me unplug this as you can see

there's four blinking likes right now

and it takes a while a couple of seconds

- for this third-party ps3 controller to

detect it's actually pretty fast and to

show you maybe I will depress this cop

menu to turn off the system or to not

controller press down turn off the

controller okay now you see the ps3

controller is disconnected from my ps3

console since I've synchronized it for

the first time I do not have to do the

same procedure again this time I just

have to press the p3 or the PS button at

the center wait for a while and I go

it's yes detected and now I can use the

ps3 controller to control my console

this is how easy this to synchronize

your ps3 controller to your ps3 console

for the first time thank you for

watching this video bye