Are There Any Financing Options for Non-Profit Organizations?

let's say you just started a non-profit

and you need some money to grow right

every organization needs money to grow

where do you get it super difficult big

problem in this country pure startup

for-profit or even a hybrid company like

the public benefit corporation you go to

venture capitalists angel investors to

get an equity investment were you in a

start-up loan a launch loan that's good

credit really challenging to get plenty

of your nonprofit number one because you

don't generate profits or returns to

investors there aren't any angel

investments or venture capital

investments there's nothing in it from

the bank side you would think they'd

consider giving a nonprofit alone in

some will but they're super stringent of

qualifiers why

I've been looking at this for half a

decade no idea I think there's a

misconception out there that nonprofits

are totally different than businesses

that they exist operatic grants facial

donations that type of thing a lot of

nonprofits have regular revenue streams

regular fundraising drives regular

grants or they get service a product

revenue so I'm a partner company called

startup capital expansion funding and

beloved nonprofits we do factoring for

them we do working capital loans we do

real estate loans we do a lot of stuff

there's not a lot of us help dinner okay

we're not the only game in town but

we're close we think it's really unfair

not profit speak capital to grow their

pillars or our communities to do

amazingly good things but it's super

challenging the finances are not