Benefits of Prosthetic Eye

losing your eye can be traumatic it's

never a good situation but there are

options and let's talk about some of the

things and some of the benefits that a

prosthetic eye can offer you

prosthetic guys are wonderful you know

every hears about the glass eye or they

think of the wooden eye rolling down the

Pirates of the Caribbean ship well

they're not made out of wood and they're

not made out of glass anymore back in

World War two they actually switched

over to plastic there's a lot of

different varieties of prosthetic eyes

and how we fit them you know sometimes

they're very thick and they're heavy

sometimes they're thin like a shell like

a contact lens and sometimes they

actually are contact lens that's custom

painted let's talk about what some of

the surgical options before proceeding

as a prosthetic eye oftentimes there's

just I damage maybe your iris is blown

and you need to control the glare and

it's soft contact lens that's painted

custom to fit your other iris it's a

great option

now if the eye is starting to shrink its

clouding over we don't necessarily

always have to remove the eye we can fit

right over the top of it like a thick

contact lens in many ways this is much

better because the muscles are already

still attached to the eye that you have

and it can actually give a little bit

more movement than most the next stage

is an evisceration or a nucleation your

ophthalmologist will talk to you about

which one is best

there's a variety of reasons which one

is best nucleation or evisceration

depending on what's happened to your eye

was it trauma as it cancer what other

reasons or how healthy the eye is to

figure out which is best it's important

that you choose a good oculoplastic

surgeon or something that does a lot of

nucleation or surgeries to remove the

eyes it makes give us some my job to fit

a prosthetic eye it makes it a lot

easier for me now once we start fitting

a prosthetic eye is it gonna look the

same am I gonna is there gonna be

looking off towards nowhere is it going

to move well believe it or not a

prosthetic eye can actually look

extremely good you know we can't we're

not as good as what God can do he could

does a lot better than we can but we can

give you much more confidence and

oftentimes people will wonder which eye

is your prosthetic eye we'll move all

the way generally I use about mu

about 40 to 60% as you're moving left

and right and up and down but generally

when you looking straight ahead it does

a really good job

iris colors can be matched tremendously

well sometimes lid surgeries may be

needed to help match the eyelids up and

there there are some times where

especially with trauma or with cancers

that things can cause it can can lead to

damage the eyelid and the surrounding

tissues we may not be able to make it

perfect but the outcomes can be

tremendous how do we take care of them

once I have them well generally a

prosthetic eye lasts about five to seven

years you know are we am I going to get

infections with every prosthetic will

come discharged to some level or another

how do we treat that will go to your eye

doctor and we can take care of it

there's some inflammation that can be

from allergies sometimes infection but

generally we want to make sure if we're

cleaning and polishing it about every

three to six months we'll be able to

keep it in Nice shape if you're going to

be able to clean it and manage it maybe

once a week to once a month where you're

taking it out that actually can avoid a

lot of the problems but in general you

put it in leave it in and it's in there

for a week at a time to a month at a

time worst and sometimes in some cases

even more than that so you can't forget

the fact that you don't have an eye and

it's not going to be like you had had

before but it can provide a very good

means of being able to maintain that

that good appearance and then normal

appearance now if you don't get a

prosthetic eye if it's shrinking if

you're having problems and lots of pain

don't shy away from it if your doctors

are recommending remove the eye and then

using a prosthetic over the top it can

be a very good reason a very good

solution if you have questions all you

can the best thing you can do is ask and

there are solutions patience is a good

thing to have but don't don't delay your

happiness and don't delay comfort and

you know don't deal with the pain

thanks for watching if you'd like to

learn more about you know the different

surgical techniques or things you can do

to help take care of your eyes you'll

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