Love and Attraction : How to Give a Promise Ring

hi I'm Sally Landau I'm a relationship

coach in Los Angeles and my company is

dating can be fun how to give a promise

ring well as you know a promise ring is

a ring pledging romance

it's pledging devotion it's pledging

that you want this person to be in your

life for a long time whether you know

this or not it may give you some comfort

promise ring doesn't necessarily mean

that it's a pre-engagement ring

sometimes it is sometimes promise rings

were given to people who are too young

to get married or not ready to get

married and sometimes it's just

something in the moment because someone

feels inspired they love someone so much

they want them to know and so they give

a promise ring but the question is how

do you give a promise ring well you can

give a promise ring all kinds of ways

hopefully it's with romance hopefully

it's with affection hopefully it's with

thoughtfulness because this may be a

moment that you and your beloved are

gonna remember for a very long time may

want to share with friends but ways to

give it just to give you an idea we

could do the thing that lots of people

have heard of and probably have done and

they float it in a frozen ice cube and

put it in a drink and then wait for that

drink to to melt the ice and then hope

you're not gonna swallow it or don't

give it to ice crunchers but you know

that's it one way or you could take

someone out for a romantic dinner and

slip the ring to the waiter and ask him

to put it over a candle or and part of

somehow embedded in a dessert that's on

the top so they won't punch their teeth

maybe you could want to be elaborate you

could hire a magician you know that

little three cups that you could move

around where's the ball well maybe he or

she could imagine the could manage to

have the ring under what are those balls

when they guess you could attach it to a

dog collar I mean anything that you can

possibly imagine it's not so much how

you give it it's the intention and the

attitudes that you have in giving it

that's what's gonna be memorable go

ahead get out of here buy the ring I'm

Sally Landau I'm your relationship coach

and my company is dating can be fun