What is Project Scope? Project Management in Under 5

in this video I want to answer the

question what is project scope project

scope is in some ways the easiest thing

to define in project management but it

is also in many ways the hardest thing

to agree negotiating the scope of your

project for me is right at the heart of

good project management but it's also

the toughest challenge we'll face as

project managers the easiest way to

define project scope is with this simple

picture everything inside this circle

represents the scope of your project the

scope of your project is everything that

you have to do as a project manager or

put another way everything that you need

to deliver everything outside of the

circle is out of scope you don't have to

do it these are things that are either

not economically viable not needed by

the organization or perhaps will be

delivered by other projects at other

times so if everything inside the circle

is in scope and everything outside the

circle is out of scope sometimes called

projects exclusions or exclusions from

scope what's the issue the issue of

course is stakeholders trying to feed

additional functionality into your scope

therefore extending the scope boundaries

without necessarily increasing your

resources or your budget or your

schedule to allow you to deliver them

this is known as scope creep so why is

negotiating scope so difficult well the

answer is simple because you've got many

stakeholders and each of them has

different preferences different needs

different wants different desires they

have different agendas

different interests and the process of

negotiating scope is negotiating against

all of those competing pressures trying

to satisfy this person and that

person at the same time and all of this

with the limitation on the resources you

have available so it's a multi-way

negotiation with different stakeholders

trying to negotiate and balance among

their different needs and desires and of

course with other stakeholders

negotiating for additional resources or

additional time in order to deliver the

greater amount of scope consequently you

won't please everybody your job as a

project manager is to find the best

balance that you can to satisfy and

smooth over the concerns of as many

stakeholders as you can and to get it

signed off by those stakeholders who

have the ultimate authority to decide

what the final scope will be what the

final budget will be and how long you

have to deliver it so scope is an easy

concept but negotiating it and

documenting it and making it stick and

winning over your stakeholders at the

same time is a tremendously difficult

challenge for me the very hardest we

face project managers