How to Eliminate Future Taxes in 401k Profit Sharing Plan

do you believe taxes will go up are you

invested in real estate business

interest and a 401k profit sharing plan

if so you could end up paying 30 or 40

percent of your overall assets to taxes

a better strategy executive benefits

strategies 8 shows you how to eliminate

future taxes in qualified retirement

plans use well-established IRS rules and

guidelines to redirect and invest

seasoned monies over three to five years

inside the plan then roll out those

pre-tax funds in the sixth year with

know how to pocket taxes third party

administrator guidelines 45 to 65 years

of age over 1 million of vested assets

participate in our qualified plan

transfer call our TPAs for your review

of existing plan documents mitigate

future tax risk eliminate future market

volatility fear and uncertainty increase

your spendable income leave more for

heirs or charity call at five zero five

six eight eight six seven zero three or

visit our website

WWE BF strategies co