How to Take a Pregnancy Test at Home | Pregnancy Test Results Live

hey everyone its air thread sterner

sorry and calm and today I want to show

you how to take or administer a

pregnancy test so what does this test

measure well it's going to look for a

hormone in your urine called HCG and HCG

stands for human chorionic gonadotropin

which is why we call it HCG and this is

a hormone produced by the placenta so if

this hormone is present in your urine

it's possibly saying that during your

cycle you release an egg a sperm

fertilize the egg the egg traveled down

and planted itself in the uterus and you

are growing a baby so when should you

take a pregnancy test well generally

speaking you want to wait until you have

missed your period by there are some

tests on the market that say they can

detect it a little bit earlier but

always just read the instructions of

whatever type of test you are using now

with these tests they will display

results differently depending on the

brand some will display it

electronically others you will have to

manually read it like with this one and

generally speaking as well whenever you

want to take the pregnancy test is

usually in the morning time whenever

your urine is highly concentrated with

the HCG what supplies will you need to

take a pregnancy test well of course

we'll need the pregnancy test you'll

need a cup to catch your urine in you'll

need a timer either a watch or your

phone and if you're in a clinical

setting you'll need a pair of gloves now

to actually take the test what you want

to do is you want to wash your hands

then collect the urine specimen by

peeing in a cup and then wash your hands

again so we've collected a urine

specimen and I've put on my gloves but

before we actually do the test let me

explain this test to you whenever you do

a pregnancy test always look at the test

itself because here this area where this

arrows pointing is where we're going to

drop the urine in and this particular

test requires three drops of urine and

then over here you see a C and a T the C

is the control area and you will

definitely get a line

here and this is a good thing because

this is telling you that the test works

and that you added enough urine the tea

part is the test part and if it is


you do have HCG in your urine a line

will pop up here now the darkness of the

line how fast it pops up will vary from

person to person depending on how far

along you are in your pregnancy so read

the manufacturer's results for how long

you need to wait before you read the

test results now we're going to do the

test and what I'm going to do is I'm

going to show you a test that is

positive versus a test that is negative

so you can see the differences here we

have our droppers and they contain our

urine sample we use the droppers that

came with the pregnancy test to withdraw

the urine in this top dropper

we have urine that contains HCG and how

I know that is because it's my urine and

I'm pregnant

this bottom dropper contains urine that

does not have HCG in it it comes from my

husband so he shouldn't have HCG in his

urine so what we're gonna do is we're

gonna add three drops of urine to each

test so we'll add to this top one this

is the urine that has the HCG so one two

three and then we'll drop here one two

three and we're gonna let that go for

three minutes cuz for this particular

test they say to wait three minutes to

read the results but don't read the

results after five minutes because they

won't be valid


so it's been three minutes now we're

going to interpret our results so as you

can see here in these tests we have a

line in both of the control areas this

tells us we added enough urine and that

this test is working however in this

pregnancy test here on the top there is

a line in the test area so it's positive

which tells us that it detected HCG in

the urine however here on the bottom

this bottom pregnancy test there is no

line in this test area so it is negative

it tells us that it did not detect HCG

in that urine sample so what do you do

if you get positive results well what

you want to do is call your doctor your

OBGYN family doctor whoever you go to

tell them that you got a positive home

pregnancy test and they'll have you come

in they'll confirm it and then start

with prenatal labs but let's say that

you get a negative result but you still

haven't had your period you don't really

know what's going on what you want to do

is you want to wait a little bit and

retest maybe you test it a little bit

earlier or let's say it's still negative

and you're not getting a positive result

you want to call your doctor who can

further investigate it okay so that

wraps up this demonstration on how to

take a pregnancy test now be sure to

check out my other nursing skills videos

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