Vent your Floor/Portable ac through the Wall.

hey everybody out there in YouTube

welcome back down the Creek and a minute

here I'm going to take you in the other

room and I'm going to show you how to

fix a problem that I've been struggling

for a while we're going to vent a

portable air conditioner

through the wall it's not a tutorial but

it's to show you a really cool product

that will help you facilitate this and

not have it look bad so stay tuned



hello everybody and welcome back down

the creek are you trying to find a way

to vent your portable air conditioner

through a wall and not have it look like

crap well guess what you're in the right

place because I'm gonna show you how to

fix the problems that I had with venting

this unit out of the wall and not having

it look like crap so when you first

start your search at least when I first

started my search I almost gave up

because you'd think that something like

this that uses a hose that goes out of a

window usually the hose would connect to

this piece right here and it would vent

out the window you put a piece of

plastic in your window you'd seal it

around with tape or something and then

you'd put this into it and it would vent

the air outside through the window you'd

think that somebody would have thought

maybe I want to put this through the

wall at least I thought that the reasons

I want to put my air conditioner through

the wall are t simple one the plastic is

horrible I tried to fix it with plywood

it worked

but the plywood got nasty after year and

you had to replace it

and three and here's the big three as

you have the tape with duct tape around

your window and seal it up and I just

bought new windows for my house

and I'm not putting tape on my windows

so when I started my research I looked

out there and I come to find out they

don't make a kit for this application at

least so I thought I started doing some

research about a year ago and all I

could find is people modifying dryer

vents to work with this application and

they do work

but there's one problem they're ugly

as you can see right here that's ugly

I don't want this in my bedroom so how

do I fix this problem

I started scouring the internet for a

way to install a dryer vent and not make

it look god-awful

and there's some options out there but

one thing I learned at least the first

thing I learned is the standard dryer

vent is four inches this air

conditioners pipe is a six-inch pipe so

I can they make reducers so I could take

6-inch reduce it to a four inch and bend

it out the wall but how much space is

that going to take up coming out of the

wall so I'm going to have a dryer vent

it's going to come through the wall and

they have a piece of metal and then

another piece of metal that's to narrow

it down or expand it to from a four inch

to a six inch and then is it going to

obstruct my air flow more likely so I

found a product that is way better

solution it's designed for a dryer vent

and it's flat and they'll throw a screen

shot in here so you can get a look at it

but the problem is they didn't make it

in a six inch size at least not that I

can find and then there's the problem

well what do you do in the wintertime

because this is a hole in your house

this is a place for energy to escape so

you want a way to seal it up tight so

I was stuck and I almost gave up and

then one day I decided to look again and

I stumbled across the product by a 3d

printing company and they 3d print a

piece that's designed for this unit to

thin out of the wall now it uses on the

outside I'll throw on what the outside

looks like looks like just a dryer vent

but it's six inch so it's bigger you

know it takes up quite a bit of space

but that's okay um it's a very advanced

environment no one's gonna look at that

go oh my god that's a huge turnabout but

now here in your house you don't want it

to look like this so what do you do you

buy this piece and it's basically a

sleeve or I don't know mark more or less

a coupler that goes in the law and it

allows you to vent your six inch air

conditioner hose out the wall and it

doesn't look horrible it looks like it

was built for because it was and it's

pretty simple the simple idea

there's threads inside of here and then

for the wintertime there's a cap so in

the wintertime you can cap this you know

I'll let you take a look at it here and

then this just screws out like this

you screw this piece out and then you

have a hole that's all there is to it

but it doesn't look horrible

it doesn't look horrible here it's just

a standard six inch port that you can

screw your your definition onto that's

it is it

the prettiest thing I ever seen no but

I'm considering painting this the same

color as I paint my wall

you know the install was simple if you

could install a dryer vent then you can

install this and if you can't install a

dryer vent there's plenty of videos on

YouTube that are very good videos on how

to install dryer about the only

difference is that right there that is a

six inch hole saw that I had to buy and

at first I thought that would be hard to

get but it's the same hole as a whole

board so it's popular scoring

right now it's a was a piece of cake

it only cost me it got less than 20

dollars the next thing you'll need is

this right here and this is not duct

tape like the gray stuff and is duct

tape it's an aluminum foil tape that's

super sticky and it's what you're

actually supposed to seal duct work with

and basically what I did

with that tape was I just used it to

seal the seam between the printed 3d

plastic and the metal duct and then the

next thing I used was a stud finder and

the stud finder was so that when I

figured out my location I didn't want to

go through a stud you know you're going

to the next carrier wall you want to be

in between two studs so that you got to

make sure that there's a cavity there

and the next thing you want to watch is

this is my normal drill chuck and the

drill chuck was too small I had to use

my bigger drill chuck for that hole saw

so I'm going to show you what it looks

like from the outside so that's pretty

much it

you know it it looks great it looks like

a dryer vent you know we're all used to

seeing dryer vents on the outside of the

house it may not be the prettiest thing

you've ever saw but it's a good solution

so the way this works it is basically to

install it you just take the end the end

that normally would have this piece

right so this piece goes on here you

unscrew it because it's got threads and

get rid of that that's garbage we don't

need that and then you take this you

open it up a little bit you get it

started in there

and you gotta get it to catch the threat

just like a screw there we go once you

cut your threads screw it in there like

so this whole song bring in your air

conditioner bowl that I get from my

grandfather helps me work but it's a

little squeegee install this in the back

like you would if you just put it in the

wall or in the window and then you turn

it on turns on and then exhaust the air

through the hose up through this piece

and out of the house things I learned

tips and tricks make sure you use a stud

finder you don't want to go through stud

it takes a six inch hole saw so that's a

specialty tool but they're easy to find

make sure you seal it with actual duct

tape and not duct tape and it doesn't

come as a kit you have to buy this piece

separate and this piece separate I think

I spent around 50 bucks for this this

and the six inch drive and outside well

worth the money in my opinion I

absolutely love how this turned out it's

all my problem and I hope it solved your

problem so hey if you got some value

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