How to groom a Poodle puppy

hey thanks for watching D decor with my

favorite Cooper on YouTube we've got

Sadie here a new client we are gonna do

half off her body

she's a poodle she's a puppy we usually

do want to try to do it introductory but

she means a full grooming we're gonna do

clean feet clean face and she moves

around a lot so we might run into where

she's moving a lot we'll just have to

see and here we go talk about my ten

blade and we're gonna do clean feet so

I'm actually gonna come down just go ten

down to kind of set so I can see kind of

where I'm at with women do with her feet

instead of just attacking going reverse

I'm gonna go down first

just kind of give myself and I'm really

just going in there it's just a shame I

didn't get to like rough her in first

but ever first this is her first a real

grooming and she means a full groom you

know usually I would like to have time

with the pad but when pet parents are

I get the puppy we should start a little

sooner but vaccinations I mean it's up

there's a few reasons why someone

wouldn't really get in tickly most

places don't take a pet

this young without all the vaccinations

and she has them all but sometimes they

come out they want to come out earlier

than that and if you can't provide a

one-on-one situation then you may not

want to groom a puppy

real lightly just not even temper the

skin here just kind of giving myself

someone an area so I can see with

watch this

around a lot so this is loose - that's

probably why is it able to move around a

lot but I don't want to tight only


what a lot of the Gherkin stuff because

their first time is kind of interesting

you're next

so puppy grooming you would think that

it should be a cheaper but honestly it's

it's even more wild than a regular-sized

head so

so sometimes it can't be cheaper

but every cookie is different so I tell

them hey it's gonna be you know this

this price and it just depends on how

the pet dog you don't know how the puppy

that I do on the table you know it's not

my my ten blade is not even warm at all

but I'm just going to I'm gonna come up

by the face here

and it might be a little difficult

because she's moving around a lot so

they might have to use some light tricks


I'm holding the herb head bone not her

throat cause this could be dangerous


so when you have a puppy and you want to

need to do clean face and clean feet you

can't all like I may say no to this

client but I'm not gonna put her in a

danger trying to do clean face you know

because this is why we wanted to

introduce the Clippers rather than just

attack the whole haircut the first time

they come in for grooming because you

don't want to be sitting here fighting

the dog we'll remember that and I can

already feel the tension here she

doesn't want to let me up in up in her

face area so at honestly at home we need

to be brushing around the face just to

get her you tonight

not even to brush but just get her used

to like the brushing you have to hold

something okay or she's gonna be jerk

jerky you have to hold something so I'm

holding her jawbone yeah that's enough

for work we're not gonna do clean face

today on this dog and if the dogs even

acting like a maniac for clean feet we

won't be doing st. Vito stop


you can try but if once it she's

screaming and said we're not gonna do

that she's only 12 weeks old like 12

beats tomorrow or the next day I think

so we want to get our youth to it but we

don't want to make it so the next time

she comes in she's like really screaming

that make sense

and so we're gonna do half I'm gonna

actually try to do the half Bob without

brushing her first I told you guys

always brush first but her hair is

pretty short anyway yeah so I mean able

to take it take it off without brushing

but I'm gonna brush her before we bathe

her see how it's like snug right there

got to come back and brush that before I

can keep curving it so I've got my one

guard on here yeah bite myself in the

butt I'm just going to brush her out so

we're not wasting time we want to brush

from the bottom up brush all the way

through the coat and I told pet parents

is essential to brush her and this is

why I could feel all the tangles and

stuff like the guard won't go through

neither side of the comb will go through

that means the brushing needs to be got

done by from the skin out and me taking

out all the brushing and doing it in 20

minutes is not fun for the dog does that

make sense

okay so we're gonna brush this whole dog

all the way through okay here we go we

are already brushed out and we tried to

do the face just a tiny bit more it's

not going to work she's not really

cooperating so we're gonna come back

through a cleaner

feet with the 40 on the bottom

she doesn't really like the clean feed

either I've tried a couple

just holding her and

I am not trying to have her here for an

hour she's a puppy and so we don't

really want I don't really want to do

that's a regular appointment time a

water in and out in about 30 to 40

minutes so


let's see what we can get


out of that time


because you don't want to stress out a

puppy too much that first room we still

got a blow dryer which is like a jet


you gotta pick and choose where you want

to exhaust

grooming process with the pet the nails

were really long we did get a little bit

of tiny on the 10 on the face but she

wasn't really cooperating I basically

did it for as a little bit of a video

for mom to see we need to practice at

home a little bit yeah the whole jerking

whipping and all that stuff it's not

really great on a poodle that's going to


there's nothing to grab so for the

safety there's nothing to grab on an

animal that's gonna act like that stop

we're not gonna push it they need to

practice at home we need to do more

brushing and more face and feet and then

we're going to cheat so chew on and half

off the body

he's too much for the first oh yeah

should not even be taken step off the

body yet and see this

some extras oh she doesn't want to


so that's why you want to get in there

and get out go back

number one guard

going down kind of getting it any which

way I can

moving around a lot and twisting your

body jerking

head back backing up not liking it

so if you're working with scissors do

you think this is a dangerous situation

yes it is stop I'm biting already you

know us too much right there

yeah it's not cool not cool so we're

gonna do nail trim and go straight to

the bath and just see what we can have

left over the biting already at this 812

weeks old that's just being a boss right

there it's too much like I said earlier

do you think puppies are should be easy

it's not it's actually harder and more

dangerous then knock these nails out

kind of quiet down the behavior and then

go to bath and then on top of that you

know we're not gonna blow-dry her all

the way if she's acting like a maniac so

we don't want to make it I'm just gonna

do I don't you don't need ear powder to

pull hair if it's if you can just grab

what you can

shh shh shh she's trying to anticipate

what I'm gonna do you know and makes it

harder on herself stop stop stop no just

try to bite No

okay see that's good enough right there

all right we're gonna go to the bathroom

we'll be back with you thanks for


okay here we go sandy we're gonna be

there together get your water lukewarm

and today here in Texas is cold

it's December 22nd and boardin 40

degrees so the waters kind of hold that

first and on your client when they're

what is rain it's raining don't be

afraid as soon as they walk in the door

to say hey please go potty I think your

give your pets an extra time to go potty

so the last thing we want you know

reverse you if you know what exactly

what I'm talking about they kind of walk

in and poop right on the floor we have a

sign he says go potty first and as soon

as they walked in i said hey dave and

make sure they went potty because if our

dogs my wife you girl isn't there this

morning i you should have heard me

yelling out of online go by for like 10

minutes I'm telling them to go potty cuz

it's rainy they don't watch me they want

to hold it because they don't want to

get wet and cold and so my dogs are kind

of spoiled but make sure your clients go

potty otherwise you'll be cleaning it up

you know almost had time to have pet

parents our hands are full they're not

gonna clean up the poop while they're

just handing or getting ready for

check-in so she made sure your potty

first eliminate clean up hopefully

she's actually got a pretty tiny body

under all his hair

man one of these bristle brushes how we

sell them to but when we have one of

them here in the wash area and you can

get the conditioner through with the

brush we keep this one just wet once you

get the bristles wet they actually

change the strength of the bristle

padding so I recommend having a bristle

brush by the tub and you use it only for

the wet dogs I've sold a lot of these on

the YouTube channel so if you want a

brush let me know they're awesome if you

have the right brush you can actually do

the work and do it faster running all

that conditioner through your hair like


it's really hard to you know keeps water

from getting around that Sears and stuff

on a moving dog like this so because of

her jumping around and moving and all

that I'm gonna flush her ear so I'm

gonna trickle severe flushing for free

now to prevent an ear infection and I'll

show you a solution that is and we also

sell it on our website

she's just throwing herself all around


these flea combs are amazing they're

only a buck just to clean off the eye


real fine comb clean out those eye

boogers if you need one of those let me

know shop down below thanks okay if

you're working alone this is a perfect

opportunity to come in and put some of

this trickle and it gives her time to

just shake her head up here so I'm gonna

trickle some of that ear flushing fluid

and that's because she's moving around a

lot and this will prevent an ear

infection and this is what we sell I've

worked with a veterinarian before and

the smell of c2 ghatak is awesome we

sell it on our site it's great for your

infections I can't help you exactly with

the ER infection because it could be at

different levels but at this point you

could do her ear so she can shake and

then you can get a towel and give her a

second while she's over here shaking

David can watch her I'm gonna sweep

all right we're back we're gonna towel

dry and then we're gonna blow dry we'll

come back after the blow drying thanks

for watching and grooming Sadie and

we're gonna tape it's like hey let's put

it on YouTube so here we go YouTube blow

drying a puppy he's not always the

choice that you're gonna make okay so

the reason why is because it's a lot

going on you're already grooming the dog

so I'm gonna take this off

and my blow dryer is a challenging or

double K it's four hundred and something

dollars if you want one I can get it for

you but I can move a blow dry to in

like five to eight minutes it's amazing

as long as you tell dry the dog sorry

baby what are you doing she don't hear

jumpin our puppies are sometimes animals

they're they're animals but they're

maniacs are jumping around

okay so sorry about that she was doing

her own thing okay um we're gonna

attempt to blow-dry her I don't word

there's the bet I don't think she's

gonna be big blow-dry so I'm gonna start

off real low okay no this makes them air

more powerful here we go

alright so she's not bone-dry it's just

perfect it's just perfect by the time I

get done brushing and everything will be

alright but she's not bone dry and she

did pretty well for it so here we go I'm

not gonna push everything that I'm doing

like I normally would on a like a loss

or Shih Tzu a dope dog like I mean push

like finish I'm not gonna finish like I

would if she wants to be jumping around

feisty scared and you know like all

those things all those emotions we're

just gonna keep it nice and simple for

her so I'm gonna brush this all out and

go back over it with the one guard if

she was more still then that would be

something but you guys remember that

other puppy we were doing he wasn't but

he was much worse and it's at first

grooming but he said he did come around

but there was no choice on his grooming

it wasn't just for looks aesthetic

aesthetics it was for he was mad and and

smelled like urine do you remember that

one so in her case I mean giving her a

haircut that's what pet parents want but

the clean fee and clean face is not it's

not 100 dire nead right now right just

work it work through it with the dog and

move into it as soon as you can but have

pet parents do homework I'm gonna shoot

them some homeworks give them some

homework to do okay so we want to make

sure she's brushed all out I got my two

brushes over here and John hold the job

though not the throat you have to

control something because I mean we're

using clippers and scissors and stuff

like that so you it's dangerous all

around so you can't just have her I

can't I can hear people saying no rather

like that but you've got to grab

something you might hurt her more or she

might hurt

at all no no no

I'm holding the briar here so I can get

a grip and it doesn't need to be perfect

you can see that it's the donk I can

like that I'm not gonna get a I

just want to get a little bit of a

haircut done so that the parent gets a

haircut like all the movement this is

her she's actually jumping and twisting

and moving and doing all this and not me

I'm trying to control it so I'm just

giving them out so you can see how

moving around everywhere it's not an

easy girl it's not going to be a

beautiful beautiful girl she needs more


one wrong move I mean is her falling off

the table obviously the little bickering

and biting she's wanting to do it makes

it really difficult groom okay so we're

gonna tighten this up give her less room

to walk around see if I can control it a

little bit more her patience level is

already like an 8 out of 10

kind of trying to figure out what I want

to do with her face

just to even up the sides here I'm

holding her jaw but she's pulling back I

don't like using a lot of the thinning

shears but at this point see you hurt

this is her stop stop

she's actually trust pushing herself up

herself I'm not holding her up like this

she's pushing her own legs up you're

grooming don't answer the phone

these are blending shears thinning

shears a lot of groomers use them all

the time

I usually don't like to use them you can

still cut a dog with the thinning shears

so one wrong move is that is could make

it a date stop just doing all everything

she wants to do on her own just doing

whatever she wants to do No

stop stop stop

good it's like I know you're an animal

with Jill good good good

see that's a good girl yeah that's


sometimes you got to use that firm voice

find it if you don't have one practice


thanks for getting it kind of just even

it out no no no don't do that that's

your nose

that would be your nose Shh we'll focus

on more of a clean face next time I'm

gonna have pet parents do this number

like this Stacy and she hates it already

take a tool and just no in the word know

it how this is homework no no in a

positive reinforcement no no good good

girl good girl way she's gonna be smart

Shh she just doesn't know what to do

good good good like this every day five

to ten minutes a day like this then a

treat afterwards

positive reinforcement that's your

homework as a poodle Shh puppy owner

every day and then she'll be safer cut

them doing grooming around her face same

thing at home with the feet so you're

gonna do this no no no no no no very

good good see no we don't want her

biting during that during that if you're

gonna do clean feet you don't want the

dog attacking the Clippers and feeling

unsafe so that kind of homework at home

- okay

I'm gonna do a little bit of just shape

up here but I mean we're pretty much

done because it's just too much and once

one period here so I'm gonna brush it

all this up this is not like my brush

this is not the brush for brushing this

is brush for shaping and moving here


you know puppy grooming you're gonna

have to go in stages sometimes it's not

gonna be all that you want it to look

like but at least we're not traumatizing

her too much this time and next time

she'll likely remember this this episode

and be cool about it and with the

practice at home with the work homework

then hopefully it'll be a different

story so we're just shaping the hair

be ready for any kind of movement I'm

tricking her right now to smell this

wall shrooming get her mind on something

else move some of that hair

no she's gonna be feisty later don't

girls call me nooo

we're all breathing hard here no no

yeah look at David what's he doing with

that really no no biting no bite

so the no biting yelled at you don't

want to take it serious she's not gonna

kill me right now but later on the

biting thing can get out of hand so

correct it immediately if my dog was

biting a pop pop the nose with one

finger pop every dogs gonna be doing

something different and you're gonna

have to react to it and the whole shush

thing isn't working with her but like

helping me just get in there pick

something and try it if it doesn't work

try something else

like I've been using the word no stop

you know loudness firmness shh-shh-shh

sometimes that'll work and sometimes it

won't so just a little bit more over

here and then we'll be good to go

all right thanks for watching dee dee

crows my favorite groomer okay thanks

for watching this is Sadie um she's

gonna be a poodle she doesn't she looks

like all the above but she's a little

poodle and we're gonna see how she grows

and as watch for her next video we'll

see how well she its accustomed to it

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