Ponytail Micro Lift Procedure by Dr. Miller

hi everyone so it's the second case of

the day if any of you saw the story we

already did the rhinoplasty so now we're

excited we're gonna do what I call a

mini micro lift we're just doing a

little bit of a lift here okay and why

don't you show why don't you tell me a

little bit about what you wanted I

actually want the gets rid Oh keep

getting Botox and fillers and I want

just a little bit lips at cheek area and

maybe a little bit you know this look so

I came to my beautiful doctor and we

want to do today my surgery we're

excited we are excited so what we're

what that sort of translates into a mic

a mini and micro lift or sort of a

ponytail dip and what we do is she finds

a really nice point at which it looks

the most natural and what she wants and

I'll put a little dot here and then I

drop it put another dot and then that

tells me the vector remember college or

high school math vectors shows me the

orientation of the direction that I want

to reposition everything be the incision

will be hidden within the hairline just

behind the hairline and what's called

beveled so that when it gets

repositioned I'm sorry when it gets

closed the hair actually goes through in

front of the incision line and it hides

the incision line and and and then we'll

just really be pulling this up and

giving her

a little bit of a tiger cheek and a

tighter brow appearance one two three


hey it's doc Miller we're doing a micro

lift I'm going to show you so if you

don't want to see anything just skip the

story now but come on take a look and

this individual is interested in doing a

lift and we're just lifting her right up

like that

hey I just finished a micro lift sort of

like a ponytail a lift and it's got the

little incision this is the incision as

well how you feeling you like the way it

feels already never mind