Polydactyly in Children

hey guys it's James Kennedy's Texas with

nickel centers we have a little-bitty

patient here and here's the thing this

little patient has six toes okay so they

had six fingers and they had one little

remote one of them removed but this one

right here looks perfectly normal for a

child his age okay and then right here

you've got one extra one right here now

good news on the x-ray the patient has

five metatarsals but you have an extra

little toe right there so here's what I

do I don't think I would remove it right

now you could but later on if the shoes

are start irritating and rubbing right

in this area that could be repeatedly

removed but cosmetically right here the

it wouldn't have any any problems at all

of healing but that right there pretty

simple I even made the little surgical

mark right there but I don't think I'd

do anything now but as far as I'm

concerned if it starts to be problematic

this can be removed and believe it or

not this would heal real nice but that's

kind of a an interesting thing on extra

toes but they can be on they can be on

hands believe it or not it was actually

removed here turned out perfectly fine

here and then right in here same thing

removed so it's not not a big deal at

all but this one's it's probably the the

most mild case of extra toes but very

very simple thanks guys for watching see

you bye bye