Polydactyly Treatment -

in this video you're going to learn all

about treating polydactyly a

swashbuckling character inigo montoya in

The Princess Bride made the possibility

of a six-fingered person famous in real

life having an extra digit on a foot her

hand is a condition called polydactyly

and the people who have it aren't

villains like the one portrayed in the

movie the condition is a physical

anomaly that not only affects humans

that can actually be seen in dogs and

cats as well the condition is usually

treatable and fairly rare though still

consider one of the more common

anomalies that can affect the hands and

feet Polly back to of the hands and most

commonly appears in a small finger on

the side of the hand called owner Polly

vector fewer people may experience radio

polydactyl which is an extra thumb and

most rarely a finger appears in the

middle of the hand which is known as

central Polly's active about one in 500

people in the United States are affected

by polydactyl would affect in both males

and females at almost the same rate the

good news is it usually is easily

treated with surgery though it can range

from minor outpatient surgery to more

complex surgery that requires physical

therapy and time to recover while

polydactyl ism is not usually a

life-threatening condition most parents

want the condition treated to allow

their children to live as normal as a

life as possible in the Chicago area

your best choice for getting treatment

are with the doctors at the Illinois

bone and joint institute make an

appointment today

with Ivy ji