06 - Before Election Day Polling Place Set Up

when setting up a polling place before

Election Day the clerk assistant clerk

and machine manager will work together

using the polling place diagram found in

the clerk binder the team should first

survey the room to find the electrical

outlets as this will determine where the

inspector and the clerk tables will be

placed a survey of the room will

determine the entrance and exit the

placement of the inspector table the

placement of the clerk table the

placement of the BDM table the placement

of the deputy table the ballot scanner

position the automark position and where

the privacy booth area will be located

once the poll workers have determined

the room layout they can begin setting

up the equipment that has been delivered

to the polling place location the clerk

and the inspector table should be set up

first so the assistant clerk can

complete the evid setup and activation

procedures be mindful that the inspector

table is step one in the voting process

and should be the first thing voters see

when they enter the polling room

the clerk table should be set up close

to the inspectors table so it is easily

accessible to voters who need assistance

with determining their eligibility these

tables need to be set up close to

electrical outlets

the deputy table is set up near the

entrance of the polling place the ballot

distribution table is set up in an area

near the inspector table and provides

space for voters to form a line remember

ballots should remain locked in the

optical scanner until election morning

to poll workers should work together

when assembling the privacy booths the

poll workers will remove a privacy booth

from the car and place it on a table

after opening the case the legs are

removed and assembled when inserting the

legs it is best to insert them at an

angle make sure the legs are secured and

then turn the booth over and place on

the floor

line up the privacy booths in an area

designated for step 3 in the voting

process set up at least one privacy

booth on a table with a chair the clerk

and the Machine manager will place the

ballot scanner near the exit of the

polling room this will be step 4 in the

voting process a small table or chair

should be placed next to the scanner to

give voters an area to leave their

secrecy folders and pens the automark

and the privacy booth for persons with

disabilities should be placed close to

the clerk's table when setting up the

automark it is important that the voters

privacy is always taken into

consideration also be sure to set up a

chair and the automark accessories after

the assistant clerk completes the Monday

setup procedures please remember to lock

the assistant clerk binder in the bottom

of the ballot scanner here are some

important notes to remember we must all

ensure the safety of our poll workers as

well as our voters using the blue tape

found in the supply box secure all loose

power cords to the floor check that all

walkways both inside and outside of the

polling place are free from any

obstructions or objects that may cause

persons to trip and fall

do not plug in the ballot scanner until

election morning

do not break the seal of the ballot

scanner lid until election morning do

not remove the unopened bags containing

the Election Day ballots from a scanner

ballot box until election morning do not

lead the lanyard with keys at the

polling place remember take the cell

phones that were issued to you during

the clerk's class home please leave them

on while charging them overnight