Framing a Pole Barn Home



all right it's August 15th and the last

couple days has been pretty busy around

here as far as getting some more

material yesterday we got all our

trusses in my dad and Abel I were able

to get those unloaded we hadn't loaded

some right off the truck and then the

last bundle they rolled off into the

road and we drug them up into the

property but got those this morning got

all our windows delivered so that's

exciting and then yesterday I got some

of these posts laid out you got d7 laid

out I got them cut down to my link I got

my board pulled out that's where the

truss will sit and then I got the other

side laid out I still have to cut all

those but here in about an half hour

hour we're going to pour the last ten

footings for the porch so then all the

concrete will be poured for the house on

my end the rest of it the floor and all

that I'm going to contract out I just

can't do that by myself so yeah so I'm

moving along pretty good hopefully by

tomorrow we'll have some walls up and

we'll be framing but just to show you

how I marked these I set my laser level

to my finished floor height and I just

knew where I wanted that based off

building my storm shelter I know where I

want my finished floor to be and it's

gonna be the same in the garage and the

house so I know I want to be I want I

know I want my post to be down 6 and 3/4

inches from the finished floor so then I

went around to each footing and put my

laser level on there to see how much I

was off from there this one I was


as you can see I got that one marked

zero this one right here I needed to be

up 3/8 so mark measured up 6 and 3/4 and

then an additional 3/8 and then that's

where I start that's where my finished

floor is gonna be and the reason I'm

doing that is cuz I'm building my walls

on the ground if you're putting them up

you can snap string lines and all that

but I need to know where my finished

floor is gonna be on my post so I can

make sure I have a full 18 feet from

finish floor to finish ceiling because

that's what I drew my plans up for so

once I get that those marked on on

everything I can figure out my

measurements on the rest of my post and

then I'm gonna put all my Gertz on on

the ground except for the bottom one so

I'm gonna be working on that today after

we get this concrete board but hopefully

by Saturday I will have some walls up

but not sure hopefully gonna be lifting

my walls up with this I made this to fit

in the back hole bucket and the

skid-steer bucket I got a chain here I

can adjust it for different lifting

points you can see there's different

holes I cut it so I can move that chain

but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be using

that one out there for all this alright

so now that I got all my footings

figured out whether I'm high or low I'm

gonna transfer that mark under my post

so I got my finished floor marked on my

pole so that's where the finished floor

is going to be and I have a board that's

18 feet long and basically I call this a

template some people call the story

board it's it's just it's just a

template so I know that from this 18

feet is the height of to the bottom of

my trusses that I need so I'm gonna go

up there

I'm gonna mark that that's the bottom of

the truss and then I know I have a

two-foot heel at the edge of the

building some measure up two feet and

make a mark and that's where I'll cut my

post off at and then this board will

come out and I'll cut that down here and

that's where the trust will sit and then

that trust will be sandwiched in between

all this this is what it looks like when

it's finished so it's got a nice spot

for that trust to sit so we got all of

the Gertz marked on this 2x4 so we'll

take this round to each post line it up

at the bottom and then I can transfer

those marks on to each post and then all

the they'll all be the same exactly the

same so that eliminates human error when

you're measuring each one individually

so that's what we're gonna do right now


all right I got one wall up and it looks

a lot bigger up than it does on the


it's an 18-foot sidewall there's our

first one so there were some challenges

there but we got it got it all braced up

see how bracelets coming off each post

because I'm not gonna get this doing

this by myself it's gonna take me a lot

longer so it's gonna be freestanding for

a while I'm gonna try to get this other

end a couple part of that wall up in

this corner end so then I can cross

brace it but I've got these bolts in

those are through bolts a couple legs on

each side and that really strengthens it

up I mean it's solid so I think the

process we got is pretty good I think

we'll get better as we go I'm gonna try

to get these two posts it laid out right

here this section of that wall and then

I'll stand that wall up and then I can

put this corner one in and then I can

put some corner bracing and then I think

that'll really strengthen it up so

that's what I'm gonna work on now I'm

gonna try to get this a little 16 foot

section done all right guys had a pretty

good day today my dad came up to help me

and we got our first wall up definitely

learning process is the first time I've

ever raised a building of this height in

this way I've done a lot of walls like

you know conventional stick framing but

nothing 18-foot on a pole barn raising

it with a boom after building on the

ground and it worked pretty good once we

got the hang of it

the biggest problem we have is we got

this hill over here and the backhoe

wants to roll down so makes a little

difficult but we managed and I tell you

what everything is lining up perfect so

far it's if the rest of the framing goes

like this I will be super happy because

everything is just lining up perfect and

it makes me feel good like maybe I did a

decent job when I laid this out so

always makes your job a lot easier when

you lay something out the right way the

first time so I got most of that wall I

got one more corner pole for that wall

to put up and I put up two poles on this

wall just to help strengthen that and

then I got bracing off of every pole

just to help it if it gets windy and I

got in the bottom dirt on which is a 2

by 12 green treat and then I'm going to

do some special flashing on that I'll

show you that detail to keep water and

rodents and stuff like that out from

underneath my house and my slab so it

was a good day

I got about a half a day to work

tomorrow and then I got all next week

and I got a buddy contacted me today

that I used to work with and he said man

I want to come out and help you I'm

gonna take a day off work so that's

pretty cool he's gonna do that so I'm

gonna get as much stuff laid out and

prepared as I can so Tuesday I can have

a big day but pretty exciting alright

I'm laying out this opposite side wall

that's gonna carry the trusses and

I'm gonna quickly show you how I square

it on the ground so I got all my

brackets I got the posts sitting in the

end of the brackets and based on how

much these footings are high or low I

got all these posts level across the

bottom and how I did that is off my

string line so I want to make sure that

all of my posts are even across the

bottom so I've got that done

the next thing is I'm gonna come to this

first first post and I'm gonna measure

from the center of the post over to my

end wall string and I'm gonna get a

measurement that's at the bottom come

down here hook it up in the middle of

the post come out to my end wall and I

get just under ninety eight and a half

basically it's ninety eight and seven

sixteenths so I'm going to take that and

I'm gonna come to the top of my post I'm

going to hook on and that measurement up

here should be the same if I'm square

and I'm ninety eight and seven

sixteenths so I know that my first post

is square I've got a square with all the

other posts on the side wall and now I

have the entire post square with my end

wall string that's why these string

lines are so important now that I got

that first one done I can work my way

all the way across doing the same thing

so I'll go to the second post measure

from the center to the center and then

transfer that mark up top and I'll work

my way all the way across and then I

know my posts are all square and plumb

so when I lift them they're gonna match

up to those over there and they're gonna

be very close to level and I'll have to

do very little movement if my math was

right so that's how I do it so I'm just

gonna keep working my way across

measuring from Center post to Center

post the bottom and then transferring

that measurement up to the top and then

I can start nailing my boards in

all right so you can see I measured from

center of the second poles to the center

of the first post got my measurement and

I came up measured from the top of the

center of the second poles to the top of

the center of the first post and match

that measurement now those two should be

square but as I work away my way across

I'll keep checking each post to make

sure it's still square to my end wall

string so just gonna continue all the

way across now I'm out here working by

myself today yeah I got this wall all

laid out and kind of at a stopping point

but yet I have four four or five hours

left in the day so I'm gonna attempt to

lift part of this wall by myself I'm

just gonna do two columns so we'll see

how it goes I guess I can always set it

back down if I can't get it all right

well I got that wall up and then I got

so excited I forgot to start the camera

up so I'm gonna do another section here

and keep the camera running this time it

was tough but got er done

and hopefully I can get the rest of this

wall up today by myself so we'll see


all right well I'm wrapping it up it's

Saturday and this is gonna be part one

the end of part 1 for framing so it's

pretty good start

for two days I mean I'm not putting in a

full day today but my mother my family

was gone so they're gonna be back here

in about an hour so I need to get home

but um went pretty good I've got these

braced up pretty good I think so they

should stand through the weekend and I

would think by the end of Tuesday I

should have this the house part framed

up I probably I won't have the windows

done but I should have the most the

framing done by middle of next week

for the house so I'm not sure how I'm

gonna get those trusses up there yet I'm

not sure if my boom will go high enough

I'm gonna have to check and see if not

I'm gonna have to rent something so

we'll see I'm pretty good so next Monday

I'll tie this portion in I got one

section there and one two three

basically four sections there and one

there and I need to finish I'm gonna

leave this corner open because I think I

can get through there with my backhoe

over these footings that don't have

brackets on them if I can reach to get

the trusses up so