Plateaus formation video

all right my name is Bear Grylls and I'm

going to show you how plateaus are

formed let's begin

alright right now I'm in my helicopter

and we are currently flying in Cape Town

South Africa I'm here with my camera

crew my pilot and all my wits in

survival but right now I'm not going to

teach you how to survive here right now

I'm going to teach you how plateaus are

made one of the plateaus here in Cape

Town is Table Mountain and Table

Mountain sits at three thousand five

hundred fifty eight feet above sea level

it is one of the most famous and

prominent plateaus in all of South

Africa plateaus are built over millions

of years as pieces of Earth's cross

smash into each other melt and gurgle

back to the surface

some are formed through a single process

others I'm through multiple many

plateaus form as magma deep inside the

earth pushes towards the surface but

fails to break through the crust instead

what this causes is that this causes the

magma to lift up large flat rocks above

it and repeated lava flows blows out

from the cracks in the ground and

spreads out over hundreds of square


this can slowly build up into massive

plateaus like the one you see right in

front of us

other plateaus are created over time

through wind and rain as it tears away

from the ground this gives it a

geographical distinction from the

surrounding terrain now although this

Plateau sits high above sea level

plateaus can also form in the ocean this

is because water is one of the most

powerful forms of erosion there is in

nature in some cases when water is

primarily used to create plateaus it can

form rivers which carve into valleys or

sometimes even cause the plateaus to

become majestic chasms or sometimes even

form canyons some other plateaus are

Motorolla EEMA cocooning temporary and

ion temporary they're all located

somewhere around the area of Venezuela

all right and I'm landing now it's time

for me to end this is Bear Grylls

teaching you how to make a plateau even

though you can't but now you know and

remember stay away from bears this is

Bear Grylls

signing off happy physics everybody