How the Slinky Was Made - CNN

every slinky sold in the world is made

in Hollidaysburg Pennsylvania this

linkies in Pennsylvania are manufactured

on a number of machines that were built

by the original inventor of the slinky

Richard James and he was a civil naval

engineer and his role was to design

cushioning devices for destroyers

primarily for the sensitive equipment on

destroyers and he was working one day

and knowing his son I can well imagine

yet a bunch of books piled up around his

desk and a coil fell off the desk and

walked down the books to the floor he

was quite impressed by the movement of

the coil took it home to his wife Betty

and said Betty I think we can make a toy

out of this

Gimbels store in Philadelphia gave us

the end of a counter and we had four

hundred pieces and we sold them in 90


so we were in business the real

explosion of business came when Betty

made a decision in the early 60s to put

it on television

I'm told that the jingle is one of the

most popular advertising jingles in

history everyone dreams when we acquired

the company in 1998 and of James

Industries the average seniority was 28


we have about 50 employees in that

location on an annual basis they produce

millions these are machines of

proprietary design that we have

maintained and enhanced over 60 years -

to ensure that a certain level of

quality of slinkys are manufactured

around the globe that workforce is a

fine work force that focuses on quality

and production and his example of why we

should continue to manufacture in this