Making Orthodontic Retainers

okay just so this is making retainers at

my own dental the Essex retainers this

is a model that I've taken and poured

from an alginate impression but first of

all trim the base a little bit let's get

rid of some of this excess material

going to be careful not to cut the sea

okay so that's that's pretty good I just

run around and make sure that there are

not many bubbles in the gingival margin

with Alacran cover like this I've

already done this one a little bit but

there's still a few bubbles there I'll

just turn this machine off so it's not

so much noise in the background okay

this is actually a staff training video

but anybody watching this on YouTube

you're welcome to keep watching you

might find it interesting a little bit

more trimming to do just now sometimes I

will just use a a plaster trimming tool

just to get rid of excess okay so that's

ready to go so we come over here and

this is our mini style machine that we

purchased and we just basically put it


on that section we so that we're using

Zender or blanks and we select 35

seconds of heating cycle here's as

Endura blank they come individually

packed so you've gotta open these up but

don't open them up too early open them

up as you need them because they do

absorb moisture and can go bubbly so

here's a little one of those gel packs

inside to take the moisture away so we

undo that locking rim we pop this down

I'll use the matte side facing up and we

swing the heating element across now as

you can see the machine starts to count

down and it goes through this counting

down process until it gets to 35 and

then once that's done it takes a little

while so we're not going to wait here

this entire time I've already prepared

another one this is how it comes this is

how it comes out

the machine like this so once it comes

out like that we remove it from the

machine and we take it across to our

trimming station so you can hear the

machine is now beeping giving us a

five-second warning so we close it like

that and then we come over here so once

that comes out of the machine we come to

this stage of trimming and basically

turn that up a little bit I use this bad

hand piece and I cream just below the

crown level gingival level all the way

around now if you're watching at home

don't try and do this without in some

experience because it's very dangerous

on your fingers and do wear eye

protection in case there's a little hot

bits injure a material flick up onto

your eyes

okay that thing has now finished its

folding cycle so though the beeping or

take you over there and I'll show you

what it looks like

finish the cooling cycle so it's pretty

simple you just open it up like that and

there we have a nice stuck down these

plastic pressure forming machines are

really good so we'll just finish off

with this one here so I've trimmed that

almost all the way around now so make

sure it's all cut nicely next thing I do

is I take the blank off sometimes

they're a little bit difficult when

they're a bit difficult

I just cut this the excess material away

so it comes away quite nicely

and then you just peel it off like so

the teeth you usually break okay so

that's pretty good I'll use these little

rubber cups from from Burke Dental

rubber polishing brushes they work

really well or mops they are sorry it

worked very well this one's a little bit

this one's being used a bit if they're

an abrasive and what they do is they

take off these little bits here makes

the edges of the spray

turn that water actually edges of the

tape move so that you don't feel these

little lumpy bit all about against your

teeth against your gums or your tongue

once that once that's done I normally

just go around with my finger like so

there we are so not that straight away

to go around with my finger and make

sure it all all nice and smooth which it

is and then that we give that a rinse

and we stick it in one of these

containers now a pretty traditional blow

so put a voice there you go

this belongs to a young man there it

goes and it's ready to go that's the end

of our Essex retainer video enjoy