How they Make Lures at Lake Fork!

hey guys just got here to Lake Fork

trophy lures this is my my old stomping

grounds right here and we're about to go

in and say hi to my my second family

over here at Lake for Trophy lures so

let's go in check it out hey what's

going on guys back in town

Jess Chen is back in town this is this

is my second home over here guys we got

mr. Kevin how you doing mr. Ronnie

Parker how are you buddy good to see you

and too long we missed you this is this

is like my second my second dad right

here he helped me get my start out on

the lake and I can't thank him enough so

the best the bestest where's my second

mom where she at

this is miss miss Dan yeah looking

pretty in pink glad to have you yeah

well this is this is where the magic


Ronnie why don't you why don't you go

take us and into the hey we're the the

full production goes down guys won't be

happy to I got so many memories here

guys this is literally like just coming

home to family so I'm so excited to see

what they can't see or what they can't

experience is the smell so there's

that's the first thing we need to check

out let's go check out the garlic I wish

the camera could smell the garlic

because you know we put a lot of garlic

in our lures as well as sauce and we're

a little bit unique for having done that

and that's the basically cause the fish

to hold on to the lure longer as you

well right so we have to computerized

injection machines and we have about 40

molds back there for 40 different lures

and when you hit 40 different Moodle

resounding all of our colors that's a

lot of lures in terms of colors and and

and we're really proud of where we come

in the years it's been a labor of love

for 19 years for us and we're just happy

to be here mr. Russell is making the

baits right now this is this is where

the process goes down Russell show us

show us the mold how this works

this is the mold here and

the material

comes to these two ports that are right

here we're running a laminate right now

to go

they come out like a string of grapes

this is Carolina pumpkin shorter spring

fry and they're still warm and a little

bit soft but this is how they come out

Justin they're like a like little hot

dogs little sausage it happens we're

shooting a brand new color we've had

about six weeks it's called black magic

and I'm gonna tell you of all the colors

we've made over the years this color has

rolled out with more excitement and more

usage and more fish catching that wow

yeah well yeah you could use this in

clear water or stain dark water

it's got a little bit of a everything in

there that's silver red and purple I

love it and it is really good and we're

going to place make sure you leave here

with some of these today because this

fish catching machine thank you and we

never thought those before work at this

loom we're baking for the person you got

your hands on the first six-inch

Hyperwarm through ever shot in that

color her leg us and gets exclusive

guess who's going to fish him first you

are alright you can't leave here with

some friends I look perfect perfect -

love it now over here is you know Justin

you've been here many times

oh man that these are strands of lures

hanging various lures and various colors

and besides with these colors and hands

of a wheel pros and thoroughly test them

on the water and live conditions before

we roll them out so that the chance of

success is very great before we do it so

they got some awesome colors obviously

guys and this is kind of a weird color

but I'll show you it's probably one of

the best stained water deep water

fishing colors you can fish this is a

chartreuse pepper right here and that is

a fantastic color I know it looks kind

of weird but excellent color oh and this

is the new this is the new black magic

in the hyper stick if you haven't

checked out that hyper stick guys it is

absolutely money

that man over there is like my second

father he helped me get my start in this

fishing industry literally let me stay

live in this store that that we're

looking at right here I had a little

mattress in the back and that's where I

got my my start as a fishing guide mr.

Parker would let me stay here and I'm

just so so grateful for that you got to

check this out this is the colors that

don't want exactly come out right and

that may not sound good but you know to

the fish that see green pumpkin or

watermelon red all the time and that

same type of color when it's a little

different you know they put too much

Fleck in it or not enough or you know

the colors don't mix exactly right and

it's a little different a lot of times

they catch even more fish than the

regular one so I used to come in here

and I would pick out you know the the

strange the weird colors now these look

pretty good actually these aren't too

bad this is like one of those colors I

was talking about right here it's kind

of a unfinished you know green pumpkin

pearl you get that that nice little you

know just a hair on top it's not it's

not really a full laminate mixture

that's the kind of colors I really like

something unique the fish haven't seen

exactly yet let's take a look at the

wall of the wall of fame here Oh who's

that guy who's that guy right there with

the long long hair leave that happy was

that I want to say that was just under

10 pounds that was almost a double digit

right there yeah late a jig and fire

perch that's right how many times have

you seen me throw that guy's like oh

you've seen me throw that combo a lot

that's directly secret that's yeah well

heck I'm sure I've shown these guys at

so many times it's not a secret anymore

got mr. Stansbury right here 1313

rounder 13 3 13 3 well is that caught on

a sour grape or

for a Carolina reason our grape you guys

don't even know about sour grape that's

the secret color I can't even tell you

about some colors of secret for special

friends we're well known for our soft

plastics and I like magic shed and now

the boot tale that we added this last

couple of years

I'm not going to disclose their names

because they fish other people's lures

under a contract but I'm so proud to

tell you how many elite pros and fo W

pros call me up and say hey would you

send me X swimbait bran lake was no

exception there was some some high level

guys it got a lot of lures from okay I

won't name them but you'd be very

impressed if you watch carefully when

you're watching fishing footage online

or wherever you watch watch the pros

you're going to see a few things

especially now with the live streams

they can't get away with it as much but

I promise you there's a lot of lot of

guys fishing these baits right here I

promise you that okay guys new colors

brand new how long these colors been out

Ronnie about two months green shed

alright beautiful color if you're

fishing real clear water we have

lavender shad to be another really good

one got the translucent color purple

flake in it that looks really good

tomato tomato well you don't see tomato

very often that's cool and then this one

right here I'm pretty crazy about guys

black magic is what that one is called

that's going to be good for clear or

stain or dirty water it's got a little

bit of everything alright your new

colors at lft lures where do we get

these things rolling hey you get them

LFT lures calm or you come by our store

or you call me on my cell phone hey

we'll get them to you no matter where

you are if we can ship to rush right now

we can ship to you just leave an LFT man

it was so good to go back and just

relive all those memories you know

it literally used to live in that store

that's where I got my start and you know

contrary to common belief

I don't live on Lake Fork I moved away

from there years ago it's where I got my

start it's where I got my name so I got

a bunch of new lures to test and try out

and it's definitely smells like garlic I

love it

catch y'all later