Process for Producing plastic lenses

I was born in the United States of the

PPG company the first we are used in the

manufacture of military optical

instruments due to the performance of

excellence now widely used in the

manufacture of resin lenses after across

the sea that I came to jangsu yujo

optical company limited now let's begin

my journey in you Joe

firstly mix with my friends die catalyst

UV material after five hours playing we

familiar with each other and will ready

to wear my dress now this dress was

washed 24 times by this big creamy

machine we all got dressed and

transferred to the curing oven I'm still

liquid now but after the curing party

with my lovely dress I will be different

it's quite dark inside the oven and very

very hot after one day we complete our

transformation move to the dye sinkings

table and took off my dress on this


we slip out far away oh it's funny look

I turned round lenses now I want to take

a bath welcome to my bathroom where I

have 18 times washing next I must go to

the curing oven again to strong my body

when I came out to the oven I will have

an operation of cutting edge to meet the

diameter requirement now on the resin

lens without any coding then I will go

to the coding workshop due to clients

order with my sisters finally we came

here for inspection some of my sisters

will be stuck with great B or C label

because spots on face scratches or

bubbles on the edge and so on they will

stay in the warehouse and only like me

top grade or a grade lens will have the

opportunity to delivery to the market of

USA South Korea Europe and so on I'm so

happy to go back to my birthplace

to be worn on the local people's eyes to

give them better vision better life