You Want to Become a Personal Trainer ? Watch this First !


one on you two back again like I said I

would be today's topic is very important

that you guys tune in and listen not

only listen get your PIN of pipe out

personal trainer this is this it's a lot

of things I can say I'm going to touch

on the good and the bad part is my

opinion on it once against my opinion so

you guys can comment tell me what you

think that's fine but the first thing I

would like to touch on will be


you know certification is pretty much

for the China just half of them you can

have me as you want

one two three me honestly I have one

right now I am studying for another

certification and whether supplication

as far as we're trying to get so to

train people far as you know you have

some people go to school take classes

for you have some people take online

classes for get the material study take

the tests you pass you get your

certification that's basically putting

the stamp on you to be a certified

personal trainer because I heard a lot

of people standing up your personal

trainer their personal training in don't

get me wrong if you are that's fine but

the main thing I don't understand it how

could you be a personal trainer if

you're not served by because it's the

same as any other business you know I

mean uh rappers models the same thing

you know you just don't wake up one day

say you're a rapper you ain't going to

recollect is I mean and I'm just going

to be 100 you guys so I think people

should take a little bit more suits if

you want to be a personal trainer get

certified take it serious you know you

know get that up on your bill of work

start off in the gym work and work your

way up you know I mean I work with some

people a lot of people say for some

trends because they worked out for six

months maybe a year maybe a two that's

five the federal they don't make you a

personal trainer you might have changed

your body with general make your

personal plan because a lot of people

understand everybody's body is different

you know this this person can't do what

you can do but you can teach them if

you're a personal trainer this was

certified person trying to do so let's

do this one one of the things I want to

clarify is you need be certified man I

mean you just don't you just don't go

around saying your personal trainer I

even her celebrity said I've heard of

Jocelyn you know she's a person of China

just because you have a nice physique

that don't like your personal trainer

and I'm only speaking on the type of

things because I'm a personal trainer

certified personal trainer and I take my

craft serious I take my business serious

so I'm pretty sure anybody else wear it

just like any other business corporation

for us that you know I don't feel like

it's right for people to just say I'm

impressed of the kind of hand really you

not because you know a lot of presidents

ended like myself and others we're

putting a lot of time to work you know I

mean far they've been studying getting

up early the money you know I mean to

train people night and day it's the

grind you know I mean this is what we're

doing so we ever didn't we take well let

me say me I take pride in what I do

anything I do I take pride in it you

know so it's not a game with me and I

want to touch on that that's one of the

things so keep that in mind for the

younger guys young guys coming up want

to get into personal training this word


I guess steal my write on the next I

cover everything IG tell us this is your

business sure you like your business

please just like you walking into any

corporate company take care yourself I

know and I know I really see if you

haven't says but I'm just going I'm glad

everything after that I feel like if you

touched on coming presentable you know

I'm you know don't come in with your

clothes off slats for your clothes

though you know I mean and that's how

you greet people had your Hodgins

everything you know I mean of course we

all know everybody should be showering

so if you a then you know like I said I

feel crazy if you have to say this but

is need to be talked oh yeah hygiene so

come on we need to keep that in check


even if you know spread you something

off where you come in just just keep

yourself fresh because what you doing is

you're building up you build a bond with

person whoever your client is so that

that file can go a long way

you know I mean so you want to be in

good hands on each each in with that

person you only come in and you kind of

all track smelling and then they got to

deal with that that's not president you

know me so that's nothing on in such a

bomb hide you the next one was set so

this is a business

if your personal trainer your body is

very important that your work of art is

allocated you are a walking billboard I

don't know how many times I've been in

all these big corporate Jim's gold Scott

Fitness I mean pretty much a lot of gyms

you're going to you see personal trends

all around but they don't look like

they're in shape they don't likely miss

away and I'm not taking that problem

they might they might be pretty

knowledgeable which is very good you

need that but for me honestly if I was

if I was not a personal trainer I will

good for one and you're not presentable

you're not you don't look like they're

in any type of fitness I'm not going on

I don't want nothing you gotta say

because I feel like you can't tell me

because Linda Joseph say I'm saying and

that's one of the biggest day with me

I'll make sure that you know I love

working out that's that's my passion

it's really its most serious and a lot

of people can't even understand with me

it helps me out a lot of ways but also

when it became my business bar and I

started taking it serious I knew that I

had to keep myself looking presentable

because if I walk down the road and

somebody said hey I make I like to do

personal spend every asset because they

see what they looking at it's that


so if I walked every with my stomach a

mile out I'm like eating cheeseburgers

taco in some kind of business and it is

that's just the truth you know I'm a so

personal trainers we need to tighten up

on that fellas no way you should be

looking slap to you're all out of whack

when you do press the license you are

certified personal trainer you're trying

to help change somebody life but it

starts with you huh you got to be that

zone you got to be able motivation

there's no way a client and go home

you know I had a good workout you know

what I'll go did cheeseburger anion I

might as well look at him that's not

gonna be I mean it's very important so

that's there's some things that are some

of you're trying to need to tighten up

on for the ones don't and hey kudos so

keep that in mind for the upcoming

trains as well make sure you presumably

make sure you have know how yourself

together everybody has different

positions unless everybody gotta be out

muscles roll up whatever you whatever

you desire but the main thing is just

don't be our little word pretty much do

you want it now next thing I like touch


respectful sellers we have to learn to

be respectful when we're dealing with

our clients you know it's very important

with me that's one of my biggest things


biggest thing I'm big on that respect is

everything to me I've always been like

that it's why I'm afraid so that bothers

me you know even if I'm out in Stowe I

might finish somebody excuse excuse

excuse me

same thing I like you know it just me so

you have your clients in spirit I love

you respect you

it goes a long ways you know I mean what

you guys don't realize is then a

personal trainer you are business and

resume far is everything you do

everything you do is is going to be a

resume so what I mean by be respectfully

is a nothing wrong being polite open the

door ask your clients how their day went

Ashley knows everything cool how'd it do

it don't be looking like you manage the

world smiled sometimes you know a good

friend of mine when I first started

training this was about Jesus about to

see seven years ago when I first started

actually getting certified off of God

told me I know forget it you know you

got misplaced and this helped me out so

much in my journey he stuck with me he

said man one day I could tell you rich

when you after on his floor would

everybody smile because you know that

goes a long ways and I learned it so

I've learned to smile with you more but

that way you tell the people hey I'm

open to questions

hey I'm open to giving you advice but if

you fry time as the world I won't ask

you number I would do which cannot with

so respect goes a long ways let's resume

is of John become part of the trainer's

now I hope you got to take all this

advice and don't take it the wrong way

because this is only want to help you


you know and I've been seeing a lot of

these different things probably one such

always popping for a long time so I hope

you guys appreciate this video