How Long Will My Personal Injury Settlement Take?

hi I'm Lisa Miller I'm a lawyer with

Miller and Zois a personal injury firm

in Maryland victims who were injured in

a car accident have typically two

questions how much money can I expect to

get and how long will it take to get the

money I'm entitled to receive what takes

the most time is waiting for the client

to either finish treatment or reach

maximum medical improvement the timeline

on this of course is anywhere from one

day two years the absolute deadline to

bring a claim in Maryland is three years

so if the case is not ready to settle

we're going to file a lawsuit keep in

mind if you are treating for three years

that's a rare case in most cases even

serious injury cases are ripe for

settlement within six months so there

are four things that must happen before

you get a settlement offer

how long treatment will take is the

first and longest bottleneck in the path

to a settlement the second is the

collection of medical records this

should not take very long in most cases

good lawyers begin collecting records

from the beginning so it should just be

a cleanup process at the end of

treatment a complete set of medical

records is critical before a lawsuit is

filed the settlement value of personal

injury cases is mostly about what is

contained within the four corners of the

victims medical records the third is

writing a demand package so that it

sticks this is extremely important and

it's a lot of work but we do it quickly

our lawyers know our clients demands and

that we will move the ball forward

quickly the fourth step is waiting to

get a response to the demand letter this

takes between a few weeks and sixty days

in most cases after a settlement man is

sent with the relevant medical bills

records and other information necessary

to resolve the claim it takes the

insurance company time to evaluate the

claim most injury claims should not take

more than three weeks but it often does

your accident lawyer needs to be

following up with the insurance company

to keep your case at the front of the

line we always want to over promise and

under deliver with our

law firms clients if we tell you we can

do it in a week that means it needs to

be done in three days so we can tell

people that in most cases the insurance

company will have a settlement offer to

us in 60 days after the settlement offer

is the negotiation process it's foolish

to ever take the first offer so there's

a back and forth if the client decides

at the end of that back-and-forth that

they want to settle the case then the

case is quickly settled often even

though the case is settled you still

don't have a check in your hand good

lawyers push the insurance company to

get out the paperwork and check quickly

again our lawyers know our clients want

to get their settlement check yesterday

so we push the insurance company with

urgency to get the clients money quickly

there is one last important point I want

to share with you we fully understand

you want to settle your case quickly

particularly if you have gotten this

part of the video right and this is fine

in many car accident cases but in the

most serious injury cases you need to

file a lawsuit to maximize the value of

your case if you settle before filing a

lawsuit in these cases you may be

leaving money on the table in serious

injury cases we have had many cases

where the offer has increased to 10 or

20 times the pre settlement offer our

attorneys have the resources and

experience to move you quickly towards

getting the money for your claim you

deserve if you have been injured in an

auto or truck accident call us today at