How to QUICKLY Create Quizlet Flashcard Decks - No Manually Typing in Terms and Definitions!

hello friends my name is aj in this

video i'm going to be teaching you how


very quickly and efficiently create


flash card decks this will be much

quicker than kind of manually inputting

everything and putting both the term and

manually importing

in the definition now if you watch the

previous video that i made about the

best apps

for students to download as well as

remote learning students for ios and

android this year

you may have noticed that quizlet was on

the list and i did mention that i was

going to make a video on how to very

quickly add flashcard decks

one of the main reasons of at least a

lot of the people that i've talked to

about why they may not use something

like quizlet as their main

studying tool is simply because of the

time it takes to

import in these different and actually

create these flash cards manually

for them it would make much more sense

to just you know

study it without having to import it in

a second or

put it into a sec a separate tool than

what they usually use

so but because there are so many good

features that quizlet has

i thought that it that quizlet is a very

very good tool to use

and in this video i'm going to be

showing you how to very quickly add in

different flash card decks

from vocabulary lists so you do not have

to worry about the time it will take and

it will take a fraction

of the time uh in order to actually

create flashcard decks than it would

have in the past

all right so without further ado let's

get started

all right so right over here i kind of

have this sample

flash card or this sample study set a

blank study set for

quizlet and what i want to do is i want

to actually point to this right over

here so this

is i pulled up just from one of my um

from one to form

one of my teachers within my school and

this is a general vocabulary list for ap

psychology and you can see over here

that there are a bunch of vocabulary


there are over you know if you scroll

down you can see that there are 54

vocabulary terms in this case i'm just

going to pull in these 27.

so what i actually want to do is if

you're on a mac this will work

on a windows this will also work i

simply want to

grab this i want to select it now

selecting on a pdf sometimes a little

difficult but i'm going to select all of

these words just like this

and i'm going to do command c to copy it

now what i want to do is i actually want

to go into i'm going to go into almost a

a notepad type of application if you're

on windows you will have an application

called notepad if you're on mac you'll

have something called text edit

which you can quickly which you can

quickly create a new document

in so i'm right over here i'm going to

make this a little bit bigger perhaps

and now i'm going to paste in all of my

words and you can see all of my words

are here

now if you have a lot of words you will

may you may even have more than just the

27 that i pulled in you could have 50

you could even have up to 100 depending

on what you're trying to add flash cards


now what i simply want to do is i want

to make sure that all my kind of words

are on one line and they kind of are

the only one that isn't is right here

the adult intelligence scale this one is

split up into kind of two lines i'm just

gonna make that one line

and then once i clean it up what i want

to do is i actually want to get rid of

all of these numbers right over here so

that they're just a list of words

and to do that very easily i can simply

do a command

f right here and then just click on


over here and what i want to do is i

want to basically find and replace

all these letters to be or all the

numbers to be nothing so what i can do

is i can type in one and i want to

replace it with nothing so i click on


and now i'm simply going to cycle

through and replace

all all of the different letters right

over here

uh are all the different numbers sorry

so one

two i did to six seven eight

nine and now zero and you can see that

all of my numbers have been removed

then i can simply do the a period space

and also click all and now you can see

that all of my words have now been

simply compiled into it into a list

there are no more numbers no more


all of that is gone so now i have a very

easy list that i can work with

and of course this entire process will

be even quicker when you know i'm


talking through it but if you're doing

it on your own and you get the hang of

it this is very very quick

now once i have this list i can simply

copy my entire list

and go to my quizlet set now what i can

do is that there's this button right

over here that says import from word

excel google docs

etc if you click this right over here

you can actually see that

you can import data and that can turn it

directly into flash card some people

know about this some people don't

what i can do is i can simply now paste

in my list

and you can see that because i don't

have any definitions right now

i can just keep this as tab and new

cards or

every time they want a new card you'll

have a new line

which is selected over here and now you

can see that i have

all of my different cards already

created now there's not a definition but

we're going to get to that in a second

what i can do is i can just click import

and then just like that

all of my flash cards have been added

now to quickly add definitions the good

thing about quizlet is that there's an

autocomplete feature so i can simply

click right here

and and immediately you have a list of

definitions i can just click

and all of these definitions have been

curated by other people

so i can simply just click click

just like that click through and you can

see that already

just by doing this i've already in well


in a significant less amount of time

that would have taken me

to type up all of these terms they've

already been imported so i can now very

easily add

definitions and these definitions are

pulled from other flashcard decks which

have a lot of

uses on them so that is pretty much how


very easily add different flashcards

into quizlet now another another

example that i want to show is actually

with a different language

so now i'm going into for example when

you're doing a foreign language studying

so when you're doing something with

like a spanish if you're in spanish

class if you're in like a french class

you may do this with um you know with

french or italian or whatever language

you're doing as well

so what i can do is i'm just going to

create a new blank set i'm going to

all right it's uh it's showing me this

again let me just delete kind of all of


actually i'll just click create here so

i can

create a new one a new blank one right

over here

all right and i'll just call this

spanish test and now what i can do is i


go over to for example a word list this

is another word list that i have

and again the very easy thing is i can

just copy all of these in so i can take

all of these right over here and i can

just simply take them

and click copy import

paste and import just like that and

immediately my entire list has been

imported into quizlet

now in order to actually get the

translations what you have to do is you

want to select

and you'll see that you'll have this

language should be selected

to spanish on this side but then you

hear on the right side you have choose


if you click that you can click on for


english and now when you click on

english you will get english

translations for all of the different

things you can see here spanish is on

the left

english is on the right and now i can

very easily click through

and and uh you know add the translations

into quizlet very easily

by using this translation feature now

the really good thing about this

is simply that you're going to be able

to you're going to be able to

import things very quickly and you're

going to be spending less time

typing and more time actually being able

to study your flash cards

another really good thing with studying

is that while you're doing this process

you can actually turn it into a little

quiz for yourself so for example

if i'm scrolling down right i can ask

myself what do i think this term

is right this fifth term i can think

about it and then when i have an idea i

can simply click over here on


and then i see the correct thing so at

that point not

not only am i studying but at the same

time i'm combining studying with

creating the flashcard decks so now

you're actually studying twice instead


you know trying to look up definitions

on various websites or typing them in

now you're going to very easily be able


see all your word list already without

having to type every single one

out which breaks up the entire the

entire process

and makes it significantly longer and

now i can very easily

just see a term and then even try to

study it

or and i'm studying while i'm creating

my flashcard deck so i'm doing dual

purpose here this is a

very very good thing because in the end

when you're working with different

studying methods you also want to focus

on your productivity

because if you're spending a lot of time

for example

you know either reading over notes while

that type of stuff is not

actually that recommended it doesn't

actually help people learn as

well then something like this is going

to be significantly better

because you're testing yourself instead

of having to read

right with notes you know you're kind of

reading notes you're not actually

testing yourself

in this case you have to physically

recall that information when you see it

you don't have any you know you don't

have any clues and then once you see

that information then you can click it

and then and after you've done after you

have actually done reviewing that term

you've now also created a flash card

which you can then use to study in the


same way much later on so that's why

this method is very

very easy just importing in different

things and if you have definitions you

can add

you know different uh you can add like a

tabs in between

you can change what delimiters or

spacings you want to do

and it's very easy simply to import your

cards this way rather than typing in

everything and simply it just makes the

entire process easier

and you'll also be able to study while

doing it at the

same time alright everyone if you have

any questions definitely leave them in

the comment section below and i will try

my best to answer them

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thanks for watching