Medicare Explained: Who's Eligible for Medicare?

hi I'm Michael and this is California

and today we're back on track with a

healthcare videos today we're gonna talk

about Medicare and one of the biggest

questions we get from the folks coming

into our office on a day-to-day basis

and that is who's eligible for Medicare

and when can you get it so today we're

gonna talk about whose outlook for

Medicare and when you can apply as well

as for those folks who may actually have

to actively apply versus those folks who

are automatically going to be enrolled

now before we do that we here at

California we know health insurance so

whether it's a Medicare health plan or a

Medigap plan or Medicaid or Medicare or

private health insurance or even covered

California for those folks who are not

eligible for Medicare we can help you

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right so let's first talk about what is

Medicare so Medicare is a federal

program it's a health insurance for

folks who are disabled and folks who are

retired and it's made up of mainly two

parts Part A and Part B which is called

Original Medicare so when you get that

red white and blue Medicare card it's

gonna stay on there Part A and Part B

now Part A is for hospitalization so

that's like big step spend on in the

hospital things like that gonna be

covered under Part A Part B is really

your normal day-to-day stuff like

doctor's visits specialist visits lab

tests x-rays things like that are

covered under Part B now what I didn't

say is things like medications because

medications are actually not covered

under Part A or Part B initially

Original Medicare does not cover 100% of

your costs as well as it doesn't have a

comprehensive dental vision or hearing

coverage associated with it now another

thing that's really confusing some folks

think that Medicare and Medicaid are the

same program they can be pretty easily

confused cuz they they sound similar but

they're actually two separate programs

and we're not going to talk too much

about Medicaid or medical here in

California right now cuz that is a whole

another can of worms but we will make a

new video for that in the near future

but for the time being just need to know

that Medicare is a federal probe

it's health insurance to help folks who

are retired and who are disabled all

right so let's talk about who is

eligible for Medicare now the vast

majority of folks who are going to be

enrolling in Medicare are getting

eligibility based off their age so

there's 65 years old they've worked in

United States and paid into Medicare for

10 years or 40 quarters and they're

either US citizens or legal residents so

undocumented folks unfortunately they're

not able to apply whether they are have

paid in enough time or they're 65

doesn't matter they won't be eligible to

apply for Medicare so but the majority

of folks 65 years old they paid into it

and illegal residents and citizens

they're gonna get a red white and blue

card three months before their birthday

for Medicare get enrolled automatically

based off those criteria additionally

those folks who didn't work can still

apply as well and still may be eligible

so for example my grandma she stayed

home and took care of the kids and my

grandfather went out there worked and in

that situation if that's a similar

situation she's actually eligible for

Medicare based off the years that my

grandfather works so even though she

didn't actually work at all she can

qualify based off the years for my

grandfather now some other things to

Medicare is that it's different ages

from Social Security so you can apply

early for Social Security

at 62 or even wait all the way up until

70 but for Medicare the real the golden

number is 65 that is the time you are

going to want to apply unless there's a

couple other stipulations where you we

don't need to apply it till later now

some other things about Medicare is that

there is a cost to it like I said it's

not free so Part B actually has a cost

of a hundred and forty-four dollars a

month now for the other folks who are

eligible those are usually folks who are

disabled so if you've been disabled for

24 months or more then you also may be

eligible for Medicare as well all right

so finally let's talk about when you can

actually get enrolled into Medicare and

again for the vast majority of folks

they're gonna get automatically enrolled

once they turn 65 they're just gonna get

that red white and blue card from

Medicare gonna say welcome to Medicare

congratulations and your Medicare is

gonna start on your birthday but you

actually have a seven month window to

apply so you can do three months before

your birthday the month of your birthday

and then three more months after to

still apply just in case it doesn't


when you turned 65 now also for folks

who are not taking Social Security and

who are not retiring they may not

actually get enrolled in the Medicare

automatically it doesn't always happen

at automatically but if they want to

apply you can still do it manually and

go in in person and do it through Social

Security office or you can do it online

I'll put the link down below for folks

who want to apply online now also for

folks who are disabled they should get

their card three months before their

24th month of disability if that doesn't

happen and again it doesn't always

happen you can still apply manually in

person or online through the link for

those folks who missed that initial

enrollment period they will have to wait

until the open enrollment period or the

general election period which is during

January February and March of every year

and that's the time frame when folks who

didn't have any other reason to apply

throughout the year can't jump into it

without having any reason to apply for

Medicare and when they do that in those

months January February March

then the Medicare plan will actually

start in July of that same year thank

you so much for watching our video I

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