The Paradox of a Perfect World

I'm curious what's your definition of a

perfect world

well no answers let's see when everyone

can understand that everyone are humans

and we should be treated with respect

and one race is not superior than

another whenever one can get along and

help and benefit others instead of being

selfish and only caring for themselves

and when everyone can be happy and live

their dreams and when there is help for

murderers and molesters etc I'll tell

you what's not perfect this grammar a

pleasurable job - I can make lots in

this world is already perfect well there

is no hit poverty or sickness people

program to be a perfect animal what no

Republicans huh when there are no human

beings left alright this is getting out

of hand there are an estimate of 7

billion people in the world today each a

unique individual not all under the same

circumstances there are roughly 6,500

spoken languages in the world and

thousands of different cultures

different backgrounds each face has

different thoughts different problems

different solutions so what happens when

we ask what does a perfect world look

like to you what is your utopia while

one's perfect world involves helping the

needy another could define it with

selfish intentions one without sickness

another filled with drugs how can we

create the perfect world in Ray

Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 Guy Montag is

a fireman living in a futuristic utopian

society unlike our firemen the firemen

in guy's world start fires rather than

putting them out they actively look for

books and burn them to ashes because the

people in this society don't read books

or think independently instead they are

focused on their entertainment by

watching TV or listening to the radio

the government decided to ban books

because they believed they contained

arguments and conflicts so instead of

conflicting ideas the government wanted

to streamline thinking so that everyone

thought the same way so that meant no

more books no more free thinking nothing

else but what the government provided

because they thought that was the

perfect Society in Lois Lowry's The


Jonas lives in a futuristic society that

has eliminated all pain fear war and

hatred the society has also eliminated

the ability to choose because they place

people into jobs that they see fit Jonas

turns fallen and is placed into a job

unlike any of the other kids his job is

to replace the old receiver also known

as the giver and become the new receiver

a position that holds memories of the


Jonas soon experiences emotions such as

love and pain and also sees color he

soon realizes that his community feels

no sense of emotion color feeling or

remorse but on the other hand the

government is doing this to prevent war

and to keep peace

is this a perfect world Aldous Huxley's

brave new world is also about a

futuristic society that tries to create

a perfect community when everyone is

happy by using science to mass-produce

people and conditioning them to do the

jobs and government made them to do

marriage and pregnancy are seen as

unnecessary and a waste of time as well

as books and nature the government got

rid of all religion and all emotion and

replaced those things with sex and drugs

to keep people happy and oblivious to

the world around them unlike the other

books this book involves emotion because

they have sex but they never really

experienced love all for what to protect


a bookless world a colorless world a

loveless world these books share one

common theme the restriction of

knowledge the knowledge of the past

emotions nature all things that promote

free thinking and individuality

knowledge is power it's the differences

and failures that make us human and a

utopias goal is to get rid of those key

factors of our humanity what meaning

would life have if there were no

obstacle to conquer no personal

victories that people would admire yes

our world isn't perfect

whatever perfect means and Polly never

will be but I can't help to think that

the imperfections of the world make it

perfect it's the perfect paradox so I

challenge you today observe the

imperfections around you and say you're