How to Design Your Perfect Life

my name is Andrew Henderson and I have a

confession to make for some time I've

been focused on living my life in a way

that's just good enough and spending my

time in places that are just good enough

if I look back at when I first started

embracing this Nomad capitalist

lifestyle ever before there was such a

thing it was traveling and as I traveled

more and more and more the usual cracks

of travel started to expose themselves

the frustrations of Airlines in the

trouble of airport security and

challenges of checking into the latest

hotel and never feeling quite at home I

did that for years I traveled all around

the world I dragged a suitcase behind me

and there were times when I would spend

six months in Asia and I would go from

country to country to country because I

wanted to build a network I wanted to

know how things worked in every country

in the world

and while I've decided that a lot of

those countries are great places for me

there were also places along the way

that just didn't serve me where the

energy was bad where I sometimes felt

downright just badly but I kept doing it

because I wanted to build this business

I wanted to make an impact on helping

people to become global citizens and so

I tolerated that as nomadic capitalist

grew and as our team grew and as I had a

sense of what is that worked and I

relied to the network I continued to

settle for just good enough at times I

remember early on when I was investing

in real estate I went to Montenegro and

I found a property that was a great deal

it was a great price per square metre it

was right near the water and it was a

very low price and because I was new to

the market because I hadn't really done

a lot of real estate investing up until

then I said well I don't want to buy

what I really want so let me buy this

because it feels comfortable and then I

would go there and after a couple days I

would say well this isn't what I want

and eventually I had to go and sell that

and buy what I really want

to me the beauty of nomads capitalist is

you shouldn't have to choose you get to

keep more of your money you get control

of your own finances you have more

opportunities and more options than

99.9% of people in human history and yet

it's so easy to fall into the trap of oh

this is good enough when I came to

Mexico City this year I had been here

many times before both to Mexico City in

two places all over Mexico and I look

back and I say I've always loved it here

I love this colorful money every year

it's worth less but I love it you know

what you know what I like to do is I

like to get like these small value

banknotes and just get like stacks of

the mean like like Shark Tank and the

Dragons Den they'd have like the stacks

of money just with the stacks of money

it's like that's what seventeen dollars

years ago when I came here on a business

trip with some folks who were helping us

plan one of our conferences at the time

and we were staying in the heart of

Mexico cities Beverly Hills the Polanco

neighborhood and I said wow what a great

place said what would it cost to buy an

apartment here and one of the guys said

a million dollars minimum and I allowed

that million dollars at the time that

was a lot of money for me and it's a

million dollars still a lot of money but

I said wow you know I wouldn't want to

it's uncomfortable to spend 1 million

dollars for me on one home because I'm

not gonna take it on mortgage am it

that's a lot of cash to spend Insignia

what I did I settled I went out and I

bought more properties that I said oh

this is an investment and many of them

were and I did very well with some of

them but I also bought places that were

homes or that I expected to be homes

where I went out and bought a piece of

property because I wanted to get a

residence permit and then later someone

said well hey why don't you come and

live near me and so I said well okay

I'll spend part of my time living in

that house I have more over there cuz

hey it's there even though it isn't in

the location that I want and even though

it's not quite decorated the way that I

want and I kind of suffered and so from

the outside you'd say wow this nomad

capitalist lifestyle how amazing that is

he can go anywhere I once he's a jet

setter and yet there were times when I

was saying well okay that's just good

enough I'll settle for this

sometimes even because

a friend or girlfriend or whomever else

would say well come on let's let's go

over here and I said well I don't really

want that but I wouldn't stand up for

myself and I wouldn't say well no and on

the other hand I wouldn't go out and

spend the million dollars the proverbial

million dollars to get what it is that I

really wanted because it wasn't

comfortable for me and what I've done

over the years is I've had to work very

hard and be very self aware to build up

the comfort to say no I'm only gonna get

this thing where there's a house where

there's a place that I spend time

whatever it is I'm only gonna do things

that I want I'm going to go where I'm

treated best not better not relatively

well but where am I treated best and

it's been a process of adaptation that

sometimes hard to let go of things where

you say you know what I want to spend

four months at every summer in

Montenegro and then you go and spend

four months in the summer in Montenegro

and say hey I love it here love the

house love the view love the place but

you know that's four months it's just

too much you've got to be willing if

you're gonna be successful as a nomad

capitalist to be able to let go of

things that no longer serve you because

the Nomad part of Nomad capitalist isn't

that you're travelling around all the

time because you can be a nomad Calculus

just being in one place the Nomad part

is being nomadic enough in your mind and

in your soul to say this isn't working

for me anymore well it's not working for

me as much anymore and be able to let go

and be able to do something else that

serves you to be able to go where you're

treated best and as human beings I think

that it's natural for us to do too many

things that we don't want to do I've had

conversations about business with people

where I say hey you know do you think I

should do this or that and they say well

do you want to do this or that and is

common sense and is basically it seems

you know you've sometimes gonna ask

yourself do I really want this or that

it may be I don't know I don't want that

and and so then you don't do it having

so many options is a beautiful thing but

it also requires a great deal of

self-awareness it requires a great deal

of focus to say I'm not gonna let myself

slide into that thing that's a seven out

of ten I'm gonna go over em treat it

best and if Mexico City is better for me

then spending four months in Montenegrin

them by all means I'm gonna I'm

spend one month in Montenegro I'm gonna

spend the rest of time in Mexico City

because that's what I want and I'm gonna

be able to let go of the attachment I'm

gonna be able to say you know what that

thing that I thought it could be

permanent turned out it wasn't permanent

and I can change I can pivot I can

adjust and now I ask myself why did I

buy homes that I didn't love and then

had to sell why didn't I believe in

myself enough to invest in myself in my

future why didn't I have the confidence

to do that at times and I think it's

it's scary to us sometimes to go

overseas I remember doing my first

different property deal for $22,000 and

had a great return of a deal but the

biggest success of me of doing that deal

was that it set me up to do the next

deal that was 42,000 and the next deal

on the next deal on the next deal one of

the things that I think is challenging

for a lot of people is what I call the

curse of imagination

I think this affects a lot of people who

look at what we do when they say I want

to live that lifestyle and I remember

growing up I'd read magazines you know

GQ and you'd see the ad for the Burberry

trench coat with the guy wearing the

trench coat walking down the streets of

London the beautiful woman in his arms

carrying an umbrella what a dapper

sophisticated gentleman I said wow you

know that really speaks to me what how

do i how do I live that life and I think

so many of us have been affected by

advertising where the imagery is there

but yet the imagery never satisfies a

lot of people look at that imagery and

they say you know look at look at this

global citizen lifestyle how amazing

would that be but they don't see the

less glamorous part where they realize

it takes a lot of focus to make sure

that you are giving yourself what you

really need and what you really want

because you have so many options in so

many distractions and I remember one

time talking her friend of mine not so

long ago and I was telling this story

about the guy in the trench coat and he

said you know what Andrew said you've

been successful in business you've

traveled all around the world you are

the guy in the trench coat but you don't

accept it and you don't know it because

the imagery never satisfies and I

realized if all you do is chase imagery

you're never gonna win what you have to

do is be in touch with yourself and say

what is it that I really want you've got

to ask yourself

mentally the questions what do I want to

do where do I want to live how do I want

my life structured and then when you go

and live in those places you have to be

honest with yourself and say this feels

great that's me and Mexico City or this

doesn't feel so great that's me and

Bangkok for example and if you don't

feel great in Bangkok then don't say

well oh I can get this this great deal

on a property that is a high-yield and I

can get a permanent residence permit and

that's fun and so let me just do that

let me do the thing that I don't like as

much because it has some other benefit I

always encourage people hey what's you

know let's get a citizenship that it's a

place you want to live and maybe there's

a property and you know let's combine as

many things as possible but don't do

stuff you don't want I had to learn that

the hard way and to me the greatest

thing about being a nomad capitalist is

that you have the freedom and the

resources and the control to invest in

yourself for me it was no I don't want

to stay in a hotel no I don't want to

stare and stay in an Airbnb I want to be

in control of my life I want to have

homes that I decorate I want the art

where I want and with the things in the

kitchen that I want I want that the

iPhone charger plugged in and ready to

go when I come in from my flight I want

to have control and I have the ability

to do that but the hardest thing for me

was fighting my own worst enemy which

was myself and saying I have to be a

going to step in to making that

investment because I know that that

investment makes me more productive

makes me happier it gives me all the

benefits that we talked about here

because it's great to have a lot of

money it's great to save money it's

great to have freedom but ultimately

we're all chasing happiness we're all

chasing a sense of peace and calm in our

lives that we know that we're living the

best life we can for me getting married

and focusing on the long term has given

me an almost Chinese like 100-year

vision where I've started to ask myself

not you know what is this property going

to return in a yield in the neck

one year or not which property has the

cheapest price per square meter or oh

you know could I pay 0% here but but you

know that's better than 2% over here but

I've started to ask myself is where do I

want to be in 20 50 years what do I want

my legacy to be what do I want the

impact of what I'm doing in future

generations to be and that has that can

be seen in everything from the property

portfolio you create the passport

portfolio you create I'm now becoming a

builder I want to be a builder not just

in business where I'm building a better

and better business that we just more

and more people but I want the network

of homes the places where I love where I

feel comfortable where I live my best

life I want the passports not just it

helped me get diversification because

that's important but the passports that

are places that I might want to go that

give me the access to live that life not

just now but for the next 50 years to me

shifting out of the mode of what's

happening right now and focusing on the

future guides me to how to achieve the

best life focuses on the things that

really matter

happiness peace calm tranquility and

that's been very powerful for me

there is an incredible self-awareness

that's needed to win in a game with so

many options around you because so many

options for become a trap and the beauty

of nomads countless I think is that you

have more control to choose the options

to truly serve you if you're willing to

be totally honest with yourself about

what it is that you want not what anyone

else wants not what your family wants

for you not what you think that you

might want or what you used to want or

what someone's telling you to want from

an advertisement but what are you deep

down in your soul want and that's how

you can truly go where you're treated