How You Can Live The Perfect Day

("Discover It" by Warner/Chappell Production Music)

- The study, scientifically is important

because it's the first one

to apply methods from optimization research

to the study of human happiness.

We were able to calculate how you would have to

distribute activities over the course of a day

in order to, so to speak, maximize happiness.

- I think that my current routine

is not the perfect routine to be

the happiest person I can be.

- If the day was about 12 hours longer,

I'd be the happiest I could be.

- I wish I could exercise more,

because I don't want to get up at five in the morning.

Nobody wants to do that.

- I want my life to be like the Sims,

so I can just fill up like my health.

- My name's Westin. - My name's Carolyn.

- And I'm about to live-- - The perfect day.

Good morning!

- All right.

- I live next door to a meditation garden.

(upbeat music)

- I'm about to do my 68 minutes of exercise,

and I cannot wait.

I got my podcast.

I'm gonna be running through LA's Griffith Park.

I'm supposed to do 46 minutes of housework today,

and that is no problem.

Laundry time.

- The house is clean.

We are about to head downtown and go shopping.

- I got 55, 56 minutes to shop.

I bet I can spend all that time in a grocery store.

Craft beer? Keep going, keep going, keep going...

It's about 5:22pm right now,

and I figured now is a great time

to not only snack but to also do some work,

which is I think, work for about 36 minutes,

and for that, I'm just gonna check some emails.

I'm doing a shrimp scampi with linguini,

so I got all of our ingredients.

So it is 11 o'clock. I did what I could.

And I guess that concludes the perfect day.

- So anyway, I am super tired actually,

so I'm gonna go to bed.

Good night!

- I felt micromanaged. - Relaxing, fulfilling--

- I felt like there was a manager

looking over my back,

saying, "You got 56 minutes. Go."

- I just realized, I could do anything today,

and like, I'm just gonna enjoy each thing that I do.

Take it for what it is. Be in the moment.

- I wasn't in the moment. I think that was my problem.

I was just thinking about, all right, let me think

about when I'm gonna do this and then this.

- I'd recommend somebody do this on like a weekend.

You know, like not during a weekday,

'cause like everybody kinda works and stuff,

and it's unbalanced anyway.

But, a weekend? Yeah. It's great.

- I would say sporadically throw in the cooking,

the spending time with the loved ones,

that will keep you happy and just energized

as opposed to putting them all into a 16 hour day.

Just don't do that.

- Do it! Have the perfect day!