7 Steps to Create a Perfect Day

have you ever thought about what your

perfect day would look like what would

you be doing who would you be spending

time with because if you can learn how

to create more perfect days you are sure

to create an extraordinary life luckily

there is a proven formula to help you

create the best days of your life if you

have a life with amazing days this will

lead to one with amazing week's amazing

months and ultimately the life that

you've always wanted here are seven

steps to create epic days and an amazing

life step number one get clear on what

you want in life do you have a clear

vision for what you want to achieve with

your life if not it's time to sit down

and really think about how you want your

life to play out ask yourself questions

like where do you want to be in the next

one three five 10 or even 20 years who

will you be spending time with what will

you be doing on a daily basis how will

you be impacting the world where will

you be living what will your day-to-day

look like because as Tony Robbins said

we all need a compelling future

something that will get us up and

excited it's up to you to craft a fun

exciting and motivating future for

yourself because without a clear vision

for what you want creating the perfect

day is nearly impossible by crafting a

vision for what you want in your life

you can then reverse engineer it so

you'll have epic days weeks and months

step number two create four 90-day goals

goals are great but so many people set

too many or aren't clear about what they


as best-selling author Jack Canfield

said vague goals equal vague results so

instead of setting vague goals start by

creating four 90-day goals this way you

can stay focused committed and not get

overwhelmed with too many objectives

plus 90 days is a great amount of time

because you can still accomplish a ton

but also can stay motivated as the

finish line is closed start by setting

four outcome goals in these areas number

one set a health goal number two set a

wealth goal number three set a social

self goal number four set a personal

enrichment goal for example a health

goal would be lose 10 pounds in 90 days

a wealth goal earn 5000 dollars from

your side business a social self goal

take your family on a vacation to

somewhere you've never been in a

personal enrichment goal

read a book a week listen to two

podcasts a day something that will move

the needle in your personal life then

reverse-engineer these goals with

process goals what is the process to

make these goals become a reality write

them down and review them regularly to

increase the chances of you being able

to make them happen by having goals that

you're going after every single day you

will be much more motivated to achieve

more than you thought possible step

number three start an empowering morning

and evening routine if you want to

create more productive and efficient

days it's vital to wake up early the

morning time is the perfect opportunity

to work on your big four goals spend

time exercising and work on bettering

yourself this is often the time of lease

distraction and the time where you can

really get into deep water

this is a time without notifications

emails and interruptions from others

this is the time where you can really

move the needle in your life and your

business remember to plan your morning's

before you go to sleep that way you

don't waste any of these precious

moments once you wake up spend five to

ten minutes at night recapping your day

journaling your wins and creating a plan

for what you will do the following

morning step number four create rules

for your life

yes rules can help and can give you the

structure that is needed to create the

perfect day and an epic life as

bestselling author and retired Navy SEAL

Jaco Willing said discipline equals

freedom the more discipline that you

have in the short term the more freedom

that you will have in the long term the

only way you're going to end up living a

perfect day and life is to have a set of

rules that will get you from where you

are to fulfilling your vision personal

rules could include things like writing

in a journal every morning exercising

for 60 minutes a day or waking up at

5:00 a.m. to create your perfect day

figure out your own non-negotiable rules

so you can then eliminate willpower and

focus on the task at hand while it might

be difficult in the beginning you will

reap the rewards in the future step

number five make health a top priority

if you want more perfect days you have

to make your personal health a top

priority if you're not exercising and

tracking your nutrition on a regular

basis it's going to be extremely

difficult to create a perfect day or

life get clear by setting a health goal

that is motivated and make it a top

priority in your life because chances

are if your health improves so will

other areas of your life remember

discipline is contagious just a few

small tweaks to your exercise and

nutrition can positive

affect all other areas of your life as

well step number six find mentors and

coaches do you have a mentor coach or

mastermind to help you improve your

chances of success as business coach and

motivational speaker Tony Robbins said

success always leaves clues if you want

to achieve unbelievably huge goals it's

essential that you learn from people who

are two steps ahead of you don't try to

get there without some assistance model

successful people so you can create your

own version of success make it your goal

to find people in all areas of your life

so you can learn from them and

ultimately speed up your own success

step number seven surround yourself with

successful people the final way to

create your perfect day is to surround

yourself with a group of like-minded

individuals because it is nearly

impossible to achieve anything great

with mediocre people that are around you

if something isn't helping you chances

are they are hurting you this is one of

the most common Habits of Highly

successful people they guard their inner

circle closely and so should you

make sure that you are spending time

with people who are making you level up

in all aspects of your life make sure

that you are spending time with people

that are motivating and push you to

achieve new greatness join new groups go

to networking events and attend live

seminars to meet other high performers

you need to have a whatever it takes

mentality to immerse yourself with

winners not only will you

your days more but you'll also find that

your mindset will shift and that you

will become a hundred times more

successful than you ever thought

possible now use these seven hacks to

create your own perfect day

remember if you string along enough

perfect days weeks and months you'll

look back on a perfect life that you

were able to create all for yourself