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pentagon shape a Pentagon is a five sided polygon a polygon is a 2d shape

which is closed and has straight lines circles and shapes that include curves

are not polygons a regular pentagon has five equal sides and five equal angles

the general formula for the sum of all the interior angles of a polygon equals

in parentheses n minus 2 times 180 and N equals the number of sides if you do the

math you come up with 540 degrees the degree measure of the interior angles

equals the sum of all the interior angles divided by the number of sides so

you take 540 divided by 5 and it equals 108 the measure of the central angle of

a Pentagon equals 360 divided by 5 which is 72 degrees a Pentagon has five

diagonals you can find the number of diagonals of a Pentagon by using n times

n minus 3 in parentheses divided by 2 and n is the number of vertices and

here's the math and you'll see that has five diagonals you can find the area of

a Pentagon if the apothem is known by just taking what happen in it over times

the apothem but if you don't know the apothem length then you can find this

linked by using side divided by two times tangent x in parenthesis 180

divided by the number of sides and once you know the apothem then just use

one-half perimeter times the apothem pentagons can also be irregular which

means the shape does not have equal sides or angles

so there you go the five sided polygon the Pentagon thanks for watching and

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