Pediatric Sleep Study - UVM Medical Center


hi my name is meesal if I am here to

have a sleep study I'm going to spend

the night here

the people here are really nice I'm

having your sleep status so the doctors

can learn more about how I sleep when I

arrive at the University of Vermont well

cool Center for me sleep test the first

thing my dad and I do is go to the

information desk the person at the

information desk gives us structures to

get to the sleep lab when we arrive the

sleep technologist is there to greet us

now it is time to get ready for my sleep

test the first thing we do is check how

tall I am and how much I weigh this is

my room here is the bed where I will

sleep for the night there's a room next

door from my dad to sleeping so he can

be close by if I need to at any point

during the night the staff also offered

to wheel an extra bed into my room if I

prefer to have him sleep in here once I

come in and get settled I put on my


now a sleep technologist will get me

ready for the sleep study first they

measure my head was a tape measurer she

put some marks on the head with marker

see this washes off easily they wipe it

off with some clean detail and it

doesn't even hurt and she puts John each

electrode this is what an electrode

looks like now she puts electrodes of

his colorful wires like a bandaid on my

head after that

put the fuel's electrodes on my face she

connects all the wires toolbox they put

a sensor on my neck to see if I snore

during the night then she put some

stickers on so she could check

my heart rate while I sleep

she places belts on my chest and stomach

so she can watch me breathe she puts two

stickers on each leg so that she can

tell if I with my legs on wantonness the

sticker is cute and is warm like a

band-aid upon your finger that most

importantly she puts on the clear tube

that goes under my nose it's called a

nasal cannula and it's another way to

watch my breathing during the night

tickles but never hurts technician says

it is important to try to get on home I

finally she puts a sensor over the

cannula now I feel like a superstar

ready to dig up more out now it's almost

time for me to go to bed I use the

bathroom and brush my teeth and get

tucked in


my daddy leaves me a book don't we fall

asleep while I am sleeping the monitors

will show the technologists in the sleep

lab how I am sleeping they will watch

the monitor on the computer all night


ask my dad to turn his cellphone on

further and turn off any other

electronics this keeps things from

interfering with the sleep study

monitors so if he needs to make a phone

call or go online he can go out to the

lady in the morning the sleep

technologists wake yep she takes my

belts stickers B wires and then it's

time to go home


you'll do great