Peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) measurement & explanation - OSCE Guide

good morning my name is Andrew and one

of the finally our medical students

going to just confirm your name and age

please I'm Simon and I'm 24 nice to meet

you Simon

today I've been asked to take something

called a peak flow measurement this will

just involve breathing out into this

peak flow meter on the table would that

be okay yeah that's fine it'll just help

us assess how well your Asmus controlled

at the moment okay

okay Simon in terms of setting up the

equipment the important aspects are to

ensure that the mouthpiece is inserted

into the peak flow meter and to ensure

that the dial is set to zero now that

you've got your equipment set up Simon

there's some important aspects of the

technique to remember these are to

ensure that you set up nice and straight

to take a nice deep breath in as far as

you can to ensure that your lips are

sealed around the mouthpiece and to

breathe out as hard and as fast as you

can okay okay I'm now going to


you then need to look at the reading you

get on the peak flow meter okay was that

all quite clear I think so yeah

brilliant would you like to just repeat

to me what you've learned so far

sure okay and so I need to put my own

mouthpiece in set the dial back to zero

and then sit up nice and straight and

then take a nice deep breath in as far

as I can and then breathe out as hard

and fast as I can as well that sounds

perfect to you okay it's not time for

you to have a go all right

that's a really good score of 700 to

finish we just need to take another two

readings we'll take the best of all

three readings and record it in your

peak flow diary okay thank you very much