How To Create Paypal Account? How To Setup Paypal Account Instructions, Guide, Tutorial

in today's video I'm gonna walk you guys

through the step-by-step process on how

to go about setting up a PayPal account

right now I'm on PayPal homepage and

I'll link the PayPal website right at

the top of the video description if you

want to click on that link to access

PayPal calm so the first thing that you

need to decide is whether you're gonna

go with a personal account or a business

account the vast majority of you guys

are probably going to be going with the

personal account now for those who might

want to go with a business account it's

gonna be if you're selling goods and

services with this PayPal account or if

you're gonna be accepting donations

those are the situations where you

probably want to go with that business

PayPal but the personal account is gonna

be great for buying goods and services

yourself online as well as having you

get the opportunity to transfer funds

between your own PayPal account and

friends and family at no fee charge to

you when you're transferring those funds

it's also a great way to hook up a

credit card a debit card a bank account

all to that PayPal account so you have

different options for paying for things

online you can also transfer funds

around between those accounts as well so

a personal account is probably what the

majority of you guys are gonna go with

so we're gonna go ahead and click sign

up for free so on this page what you

need to do is type in your legal first

name your legal last name as well as the

email that you want associated with your

PayPal account a password you need to

confirm that password and then click

Next so I'm gonna go through all these

steps myself and then take you over to

the next page then on the next page what

you're gonna want to do is type in your

personal address the city the state the

zip code and then also a phone number

whether it's your home phone number or

mobile phone number and then you need to

go through read over the e communication

delivery policy the user agreement and

privacy statement if you'd like to do

that and then you need to check this box

and then you go ahead and click agree

and create account so I'm gonna go

through these steps and take you to the

next screen that you'll get after this

one so then on this page it gives us the

option where we can either link a debit

card a credit card or down here kind of

hidden at the bottom it gives you the

option to link a bank account instead

it's going to be up to you which you

decide to link I myself with this


I'm going to link a debit card so I'm

going to enter in my information in

terms of the debit card number right

here the expiration date as well as the

CSC now the billing address it's going

to automatically fill in with whatever

you filled in as your address earlier on

in this process now if your billing

address is different than your home

address that you used in that earlier

portion of this application then you can

change that in this area but as soon as

you've entered in that information you

can go ahead and click link card and

then we'll take you on over to the next

page so I linked my card it took me over

to the next page with an icy green

checkmark here showing that it was

successful in linking that card and now

everything is set up ready to use for

shopping and sending money there's a ton

of different things that you can use

with a paypal account if you scroll down

to the bottom click on go to your

account and we'll actually officially

take you to your brand-new PayPal

account page and that's pretty much it

so there's a ton of different things

that you can do with a PayPal account

and I'm gonna make a series of a ton of

different videos showing you all the

different things that you can utilize

with PayPal you can check those out over

on my YouTube channel and I recommend

subscribing for more content in the

future I appreciate you guys stopping by

and I'll see you back here for future