How to Make Your Business Partnership Work

that I've partnered with Ryan ciminelli

on convene but also on a few businesses

when we were in under graduate and

undergraduate relationship what makes

this a winning relationship well a

couple of things on partnership one is

Ryan and I have always been 50/50

partners and I think that it's really

important for two founders to have both

equal ownership and equal responsibility

in a business if there's if there's one

owner or leader that's really even even

a 1% difference the implications of that

are that one person is worth more than

another one person's skill set is more

valuable than another or maybe that one

person should be working harder than the

other and the other person can can slack

off Ryan and I are 50/50 which means

that we're always trying to keep up with

one another and that really keeps things

at the top moving along as an owner of a

company in an unstructured environment

we rely on each other to keep one

another motivated and managed and

directed and that kind of that true

equal partnership is something it's

important to us second and of equal if

not greater importance is that Ryan and

I have very different skill sets and I

think it's often the case that people

like spending time with and people like

doing business with people that are very

much like themselves a good business

partnership is one where people bring

divergent skillsets to the table Ryan

and I operate like yin and yang he's the

numbers guy I am and I'm more of the

operation strategy and ideas guy

although that's that's not with you

credit to Ryan because he brings a lot a

lot of those things to the table as well

but I guess most simply you can put it

if if it goes into an Excel spreadsheet

Ryan does it and if it's in PowerPoint

or word and it's probably on my desk but

having those different skill sets is

something that's really been very

helpful for us and has

made us much more powerful together than

apart and I couldn't I couldn't imagine

running a business without a guy like

Ryan next to me and I know that he would

say the same thing